Sathriyan Music Review

Not the best from Yuvan Shankar Raja, but  a decent effort.

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For the first time ever time, Yuvan Shankar Raja is collaborating with Vikram Prabhu for the film titled ‘Sathriyan’. The film is directed by SR Prabhakaran featuring Manjima Mohan in female lead role. Till the end of shooting, the film was titled as Mudi Sooda Mannan and it comprises of four tracks that includes signature music.

Sooda Oru Sooriyan
Singer: Deepak
Harmonies: Senthildas, Sam, Bellyraj

It sounds like an introduction song that usual Tamil heroes would croon out with inspiring lines of message. For the first time, when you hear it, the lyrics immediately get grasped into your minds and eventually for the next time of repeated hearings, there is something special about the tunes by Yuvan Shankar Raja you feel too. Deepak gives out his best on vocals and the harmonies by Senthil Das, Sam and Belly Raj offer best fill-ins to enliven the number.

Paarai Mele
Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Veena: Devi
Lyrics: Snehan

It’s obvious when Yuvan Shankar Raja comes upon to give his rendition for a solo melody, he would definitely make a simple yet stunning package. In the recent times, he is back with more and more mellifluous tracks and this one is not an exception. Apart from his voice, we get to hear that the interludes evoke our emotions.

Maina Rendu
Singer: Vijay Yesudas
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

There is something special about the song. We might not be in a situation to predict about the film’s position in times to come, but it has something called exceptional level in lyrical quotients. It’s a situational song that comes words that actually delineate the intensity of moment. Apparently, Yuvan Shankar Raja has tried adorning the song with the same level of maturity, rather than going for usual paradigm of his musical aspects.

Sathriyan in Action – Theme

The initial moments in the ‘Sathriyan in Action’ Theme has some unique pattern of instrumentals used up following which the raciness and engrossing moments occupy your senses, especially if you’re hearing this on headphones or a perfect surround system.

On the whole, Sathriyan cannot be regarded as the best from Yuvan Shankar Raja, but he has given the possible treatment to the album with his efforts. With the album just comprising of four tracks, they are pretty good to hear and seemingly, Yuvan Shankar Raja has more to offer on Background Score.

Verdict : Not the best from Yuvan Shankar Raja, but a decent effort.

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