Kuttram 23 – Case opens in 29 days

Arun Vijay’s Medical Thriller ‘Kuttram 23’ is scheduled for release on March 2.

News 1-Feb-2017 3:09 PM IST RM Comments

After many considerations of several dates, the release of Kuttram 23 has been confirmed for March 2 now. The film marks the maiden production of Inder Kumar under the banner of Redhan – The Cinema People with Arun Vijay and Mahima Nambiar playing the lead roles. The film is directed by Arivazhagan, who earlier shot to fame for movies like Eeram and Aaradhu Sinam. The film boasts of some fantabulous technical crew consisting of Vishal Chandrasekar (Music), K.M. Baskaran (Cinematographer), Bhuvan Srinivasan (Editor), Viveka (Lyricist) and Heera Arivazhagan (Costume).

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