Bogan Movie Review

Doesn’t meet up to your expectations

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Direction : Lakshman
Production : Prabhu Deva Studios
Starring : Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy, Hansika Motwani, Akshara Gowda
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : Soundararajan
Editing : Anthony

Following the successful hit of Thani Oruvan, Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy coming together for ‘Bogan’ had raised everyone’s expectations. The film is directed by Lakshman and is produced by Prabhu Deva Studios with Hansika Motwani playing the female lead role.


Vikram (Jayam Ravi) is assistant commissioner of police, who is shocked to see that his father, a honest bank manager is alleged of looting a huge money. He goes forward giving his intense involvement on investigating the case and comes across the real culprit behind this robbery – Aditya (Arvind Swamy), who has left no clue behind this act. It’s not just Vikram’s father, but few have already fell prey to his magical power.


Transmigration of souls is something that we have already not seen over the times in some of the famous Hollywood and Tamil movies. The ‘Face Off’ is a blunt inspiration for this film that comes blended with the trace of Prabhu’s dual act movie ‘Chinna Vaathiyar’. First and foremost, it takes a real challenge for any producer to fund such a film with an unconventional theme, something of a rarity over here. But what turns out to be fallible is the erroneous screenplay that fails halfway through. There is little misplacement in screenplay, where the narration is so much predictable and there is no interest that propels you to be hooked up for the whole show. Moreover, the second half becomes too dragging that too much action dominates the film, where it is supposed to be ruled by mind games. Moreover, here and there you tend to find heavy traces of Hollywood movie ‘Face Off’. When Arvind Swamy’s character is possessed with so much of supernatural powers of transmigration of souls, why does he wait so long to twist the game during his arrest? There are certain illogical quotients in the film, which hampers the progression. Couple of songs are quite enriching with visuals and choreography that includes ‘Sendhoora’ and ‘Koodu Vittu Koodu’, but in few places we tend to find that background score is too noisy. Cinematography is the biggest minus out there as it lacks a maturity in handling a substantial script. Editing is okay in places.


When it comes to performance, we find that Arvind Swamy is the ultimate showstopper and he keeps stealing the show everywhere. In fact, at many points, we really forget that Jayam Ravi is also present there for such is the catwalk performance of this genius actor. The scene before the intermission, where he spells out his flirting and funny talks with all the police officers leaves the entire theatres in huge applause. Even during the emotional sequences, he scores beneficially enlivening the scenes. Jayam Ravi strains a lot over many scenes to execute his performance, especially by the second half. Hansika Motwani tries to give her innocuous shade and she scores somewhere at best. Akshara Gowda has nothing to perform in the film and we see her walking like a ramp model. Others in the cast including Ponvannan, Nasser and Aadukalam Narain have done their roles efficiently.

What works?

1. Performance of actors, especially Arvind Swamy
2. First half

What doesn’t work?

1. Second half
2. Technical department

If the writers had opted to pick new and fresh scenes without leaving any traces from films of such genre references, it would have been yet finer. Moreover, the technical department too slightly disappoints to gratify the experience expected by audiences.

Verdict : Doesn’t meet up to your expectations

Rating : 4.5/10

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