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Not really a convincing album from Vijay Antony

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Vijay Antony’s albums always have a specified pick of at least half of them enthralling us. Moreover, the expectations for ‘Yaman’ have been on the pretty groovy expectation levels for it marks the second time collaboration of Vijay Anton y and Jeeva Shankar from ‘Naan’ duo. The film is a political thriller featuring Miya George in female lead role.

Yem Mela Kai Vachaa Gaali
Singers: Hemachandra, Chetan MC, Kumar
Lyricist: Annamalai, Chetan MC

This song has already made a big time with the single track release and has been gradually striding up with huge sensation too. This is an usual styled pattern of Vijay Antony composing. For those who don’t look into the singers involved in this song over the list, you might believe that Vijay Antony himself has crooned the song. The song has massy elements and will definitely have a punch of sensation with the visuals.

Damelo Dumelo
Singers: Saranya, Maria Roe Vincent
Lyricist: P. Vetriselvan

Damelo Dumelo isn’t really a big number to fall in love at first time. It’s a routine item number that doesn’t hit you hard by the initial moments, but there is some commendable mixing in the sound that we experience during the interludes. The singers – Saranya and Maria Roe Vincent have tried giving their best to what this genre of song actually demands, but then it’s a mediocre on whole as a song.

Kadavul Ezhuthum
Singers: Yazin Nizar, Janaki Iyer
Lyricist: Ko Sesha

The opening notes of this song are really gripping that starts with pianos and later joined by some tremendous sound effects. But suddenly it drops down the impact with a simple and ordinary rendition by Yazin Nizar and Janaki Iyer. Usually, when a melodic duet comes from Vijay Antony, it would definitely have some strong impact, but here it fails to hold that prominently just as in some of his previous albums.

Singaram Chella
Singers: Jagadeesh, Ranjith, Unni, Velmurugan, Ayyappan,
Lyrics: Eknanth

This sounds like a situational song, where it is expected to be placed in a critical situation of the movie. It has got the chorus work of Jagadeesh, Ranjith, Unni, Vel Murugan and Ayyappan. Yet again, there isn’t much appeal from Vijay Antony’s orchestral strength and visuals and situational placement alone might bring it redemption on the screens.

Neeye Thaniyai
Singer: Jagadeesh
Lyricist: Muthamilan

In most of the albums, Vijay Antony will always manage to offer a song based on inspiring lines. As the album of ‘Yaman’ comes to an end, it’s all about this song ‘Neeye Thaniyai’, which is crooned by Jagadeesh, who already shot to fame with ‘Kanchana 2’ title song. The lyrical lines by Muthamilan and they are written with commendable effort.

To make a precise mark, Vijay Antony after his entry into the acting zone has been gradually dropping down his musical potentials. It has been so much evident that his albums before his arrival as an actor was appreciable in both melodious and fast beat numbers, but his very own films now that includes ‘Picchaikaaran’ and ‘Saithan’ are gradually reducing off his musical substantiality and over here, not most of them are really up to his usual standards.

Verdict : Not really a convincing album from Vijay Antony

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