5 elements that will make ‘Singam 3’ strike gold in BO

Singam 3 Movie Preview

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Just 2 more days left for the worldwide release of Singam 3 and we at Top 10 Cinema bring you 5 exclusive elements that will definitely make the movie strike gold in box office.

Reality over Fiction – Sounds like a novel title isn’t? Maybe, this could be the verdict that many would be offering after the show. Unlike previous installments of this franchise, we get to see that Si 3 is based on a real life incident that happened during the regime of NTR in Hyderabad. It holds a strong premise, which will keep us hooked up.

No unwanted romance – Of course, both Singam and Singam 2 didn’t have unwanted romantic quotients. Be it Suriya-Anushka Shetty in Singam or Suriya-Anushka-Hansika Motwani in Singam 2, they were pretty commendable. Over here, such will be the adequacy of Suriya-Anushka Shetty and Suriya-Shruthi Haasan, which will be blended with the script.

Baddie isn’t brawny, but brainy too – While our protagonist Durai Singam carries a super brain out here in Si 3, so will be the antagonist Anoop Singh Thakur. We would have seen him with the muscular physique, but then, there happens to be a lot of mind game between the hero and villain too.

Songs are nowhere out of screenplay – An assurance from director Hari that there are no unwanted songs in the film. They would be an intriguing part of screenplay, where the placements would be appropriate to keep us engrossed.

Gadgets, Technologies and Raciness – Guess what? The third part of Singam will be far more matured and advanced in screenplay with accordance to inclusions of gadgets and technological advancements used by the characters out there. It’s a film about Universal cop for an international mission that has the usage of gadgets and technologies.

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