Why Nayantara couldn’t sign Vijay 61?

An inside report reveals that Nayantara was the absolute choice before Nithya Menen stepped into Vijay 61.

News 8-Feb-2017 12:49 PM IST RM Comments

Everything involving Vijay 61 has been getting the fan through irresistible fascinations, which indeed has been appealing with surprises. Especially, the grandeur production values, star-cast and technicians are brimming up the movie with immense exhilarations. But Jyotika suddenly walking out of the project on the spur of moment appalled everyone. Later, we could see the bubbly and promising actress Nithya Menen getting onboard for replacement. But then, the inside reports claiming that Nayantara was the immediate choice after Jyotika left the project, but the missy was stuck with back to back schedule of her film ‘Kolaiyudhir Kaalam’, directed by Chakri Toleti. Since, the schedule instantly demanded for an actress, Atlee and his team finally zeroed in Nithya Menen.

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