5 scintillating political thrillers that revolved around throne of ‘CM’

5 scintillating political thrillers that revolved around throne of ‘CM’

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Films and politics have always been a hand-on-hand acquaintance, which doesn’t confine to the boundaries of Tamil Nadu, but has been the most intriguing part of International for the genres and sub-genres like ‘Political Drama’, and ‘Political Thriller’. With the current situation in Tamil Nadu getting more imbibed to the political turmoil and situations, we bring you sneak peek into 5 Tamil movies that are based on this theme.


What inspired late writer Sujatha to write the script was the unforgettable interview between later former US President Richard Nixon and British Journalist David Frost in 1977… This happens to be the ever greatest interviews in the history of mankind till the date. In all likelihood, Shankar and Sujatha manages to make it a Desi version here of bringing together the extended fictional version of interview between Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and a TV journalist (played by Raghuvaran and Arjun).

Makkal Aatchi

This is one of the best political dramas that made scintillating revolution in cinema. The film is directed by RK Selvamani featuring Mammootty and Roja in lead roles. It all showed the smart and brainy moves of an ordinary man with a hidden intention to make it towards the throne of ‘Chief Minister’.


Before few years, we at Top 10 Cinema had made a special feature based on KV Anand’s ‘Ko’, where it was far than loosely connected with Russell Crowe-Ben Affleck starrer Hollywood movie ‘State of Play’ (https://top10cinema.com/article/10450/5-clear-cut-connections-between-ko-and-state-of-play)

Of course, ‘Ko’ had more prominence for youth empowerment and it all gave more room on how media and politics are strongly bounded together. The film starred Jiiva, Karthika Nair and Ajmal in lead roles.


An awe-inspiring fictional take on the real life political figures of Tamil Nadu and it is something beyond a movie. A masterpiece that is owned by every film buff for the exotically excellent performances of Mohan Lal, Prakash Raj and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The film traversed through the growth and journey of two bonded friends – MGR and Karunanidhi.

Pudhumai Piththan

Parthiepan brought forth new trendsetting formulae with this politically strong and substantially engrossing film. It had more emphasis laid on how a common and ordinary man could make to the top of all orders in the politics of Tamil Nadu pushing aside.

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