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DJ Hip Hop Tamizha wins over music director Hip Hop Tamizha

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Filmmaker KV Anand (Ko, Ayan, Anegan, Maattram fame) comes back experimenting with a media based corporate thriller after his successful hit movie KO. Titled ‘Kavan’, the film stars Vijay Sethupathi, T Rajhendher and Madonna Sebastian in lead roles with Hip Hop Tamizha composing music.

Happy New Year
Singers : T. Rajhendherr, Hip Hop Tamizha, Madonna Sebasatian
Lyrics : Arunraja Kamaraj

The song had gained a decent graph of reception as released on first single track for the occasion of New Year. The very earnest combination of TR and Vijay Sethupathi has pulled more attractive quotients towards the film and of course this song featuring them has made it bigger. But there isn’t anything special to mention about the music and it’s a casual music that would enthrall youngsters for party time.

Singers : Hip Hop Tamizha, Sudarshan Ashok
Lyrics : Kabilan Vairamuthu

Hip Hop Tamizha tries to strike gold with the melodious lines, but it somehow gets confined into his routine pattern of vocalizing and composing. With beautiful visuals, the song could turn to be passable one and that’s something with time brewing. Sudharshan Ashok is pretty good with the rendition and the lyrical verses by Kabilan Vairamuthu get hampered here and there with the musical domination.

Singers : Kaber Vasuki and Kids Chorus
Lyrics : Kabilan Vairamuthu

For the first time, when you listen to this song, you get irked up for it doesn’t consist of any proper order in the musical pattern. It looks like a track composed by a DJ for the night time discotheque or probably an independent album that would turn up the craze from the fans. But here, it doesn’t impress you anywhere. Maybe with the screen presence of Vijay Sethupathi, it could be a middling number to watch on the screens.

Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai
Singers : Hip Hop Tamizha, Padmalatha, Anthony Dasan, Georgina Mathew
Lyrics : Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar

The first few minutes of the song travels in vagueness, but after a minute or so, it gradually pulls us into the boundaries. This is one particular song from the album that escalates itself to a pretty decent status when compared to other numbers. Be it the pick of singers or the way Hip Hop Tamizha has managed to balance the sound and lyrics, it’s commendable to a greater magnitude. The fusion pattern of the most classical song of the Tamil music and arts gets a perfect toast from Hip Hop Tamizha.

Singers : Hip Hop Tamizha, Nikita Gandhi, Vel Murugan, Kaushik Krish
Lyrics : Kabilan Vairamuthu

As the album comes to end, we get to hear the number ‘Boomerang’, which is yet another potboiler like any other track in the album. It goes completely in DJ kind of music and perhaps, if everything goes well, maybe on constant repeated hearing followed by the visual promos, the song could happen to get nurtured.

‘Kavan’ has bunch of songs that are considerably average, but not as best as Hip Hop Tamizha’s magnum opus like ‘Thani Oruvan’. Except the song ‘Theeradha Vilaiyaattu Pillai’, rest of the songs stick to the level of mediocre and if possible, constant visual promotions might bring up some favourable results. But for now, it’s an average fare from Hip Hop Tamizha.

Verdict : DJ Hip Hop Tamizha wins over music director Hip Hop Tamizha

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