Yaman Trailer Review

Yaman Trailer Review

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Soon after watching the full length theatrical trailer of ‘Yaman’, there is something you would instantly notice. There has been a decent coordination between director and editor. The output looks completely illustrative of this and it turns to be more gripping in parts too. It’s completely blatant that Yaman is a political thriller and the director hasn’t stepped out anywhere out of the topic with unwanted comedy and romantic lines. It is so much evident with the trailer and Jeeva Shankar is so much keen upon it.

Vijay Antony’s screen presence aptly gets appropriate with the film’s theme. In fact, Vijay Antony has been an actor who easily gets adapted to the serious and tough roles, where a sort of mystery and seriousness revolves around his characterizations. Much apparently, over here we find him so much calm, but with a highly explosive intention within. There is couple of portions, where we see Miya George, one is over the song at pub followed by her walking alongside Vijay Antony, which gives an impression that she has a vital role to play.

A trailer that is released from the production studio of Vijay Antony Film Corporation always follows a same pattern of giving some hint about the film’s drama and establishment of all the characters in immediate cuts of editing. This is noticeable here in the theatrical trailer of Yaman as well.

The makers clearly understanding the current situation have properly established the shots and important dialogues that suit the current trend, where Vijay Antony claims about his reason behind joining politics.

One of the greatest highlights about the film’s trailer is the dialogues that are strong and powerful. For sure, at least 5 of them would be garnered with good response and applause in the theatres. Background score by Vijay Antony is similar pattern to the trailer of his previous movies.

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