Music Review – Anirudh Single Onnume Aagala

Music Review – Anirudh Single Onnume Aagala

Music Reviews 15-Feb-2017 10:11 AM IST RM Comments

Composed & Arranged by Anirudh Ravichander
Vocals - Anirudh Ravichander & Maalavika Manoj
Lyrics - Vignesh ShivN

For the past couple of years, Anirudh has offered some splendiferous melodies for the occasion of Valentine Days – Enakenna and Avalukenna. These were completely melodic that transfixed us completely into the frozen mode. While all these tracks were based on romantic solo and duets that were based on falling in love, breaks up and patch ups. This time, Anirudh comes up with a song based on post break-up phase that shows up a guy and girl who have broken are going through smooth episodes without any hatred and regrets upon each other.

But in many places, we tend to find that the song has lots of similarities between ‘Onnume Aagala’ and Charlie Puth’s ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’. The visual style of presentation of editing style in split screens has a close resemblance together.

The lead characters we happen to see in the song are not to glamorous and handsome, but have a naturalistic appeal, which gets many to reflect. While both the previous treats of Valentine Day were completely melodious, this one is slightly on medium-paced tempo. This should have been actually released with a video making, which would have added up more intensity. But again, it would surely have a good gain in months to come.

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