Thursday releases - A Boon or Bane to the Box Office world????

Thursday releases - A Boon or Bane to the Box Office world????

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These days, it has become a common theory that a film could be produced at any whopping figure, but the toughest task comes upon its release. During those days, a film released would have its successful run beyond 50 days and even 25 weeks that would actually mark ‘Silver Jubilee’ and ‘Golden Jubilee’. But these days, the scenario has completely changed as the film’s total running result is decided with maximum run of 10 days. Initially, a movie would be released at 100 theatres and the total collection would be obtained in the span of 50 days. But on the contrary, we see that the movies are released in 500 theatres and the same collection is expected in just 10 days, especially a very much bigger amount by the opening weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

When it comes to film fraternity, Fridays are considered the release days of movies and of course, the entire world film market proceeds with this formula. But in the recent times, the scheduling of release has been changed for most of the movies are hitting screens on Thursday, which in added to Friday, Saturday and Sunday becomes a major quotient of opening week collection in box office.

It’s not just about film industry, but the entire world market irrespective of industries, educational institutions, completely goes on with 5-working days followed by weekend for celebrations and spiritual amusements. This indeed had created the pattern of releasing the movies on Fridays. But then, the change of this ritualistic scheduling in Tamil cinema seems to have been witnessing mixed reception.

The trend of Thursday releases was actually initiated by Ajith Kumar’s Arambam, produced by AM Ratnam of Sri Sathya Sai Movies in gratitude of reverence and respect for Sai Baba. Following this success, the banner decided to release all its movies on Thursday that includes Yennai Arindhaal. Usually, the movies would skip the Fridays and go on for weekday releases only during the festive occasions like Diwali and Pongal. But sooner, we happened to see movies like Iru Mugan, Saithan, Dhuruvangal 16, Bogan, Adhey Kangal and Singam 3. In fact, it has become a constant practice of Thursday releases….

We at Top 10 Cinema happened to interact with some of the leading producers, exhibitors and distributors of Tamil film industry upon the practical issues, pros and cons involved over this factor.

When approached producer Shibu Thameems of Thameem Films, he says, “There are category of Thursday releases. When it’s a movie that comes from big brand of actors and technicians, it gradually has a great opening. Especially, with the constraints like piracy creating a huge havoc, it’s always beneficial to gain some good collections in box office. We got a decent opening for Iru Mugan in that aspect, but things might not be the same with small budget movies. When there is no crowd for the movies released on Thursdays, it would gradually affect the next three days too.”

Salem A Venkatesh, one of the leading film traders, who has marketed and distributed movies likes Manja Pai, Kabali, Theri, 24, Singam 3 and the forthcoming releases like Nenjam Marapadhillai, Dora and many more lined up. “Be it big or small budget movies, a Thursday release doesn’t result in profit zone. The first three days of collection would be slightly partitioned for Thursdays. The audiences have a mindset of watching the film on Fridays as they have been so much emotionally bounded to such conditions. An average movie will have 80% occupancy on Fridays followed by 100% on Saturdays. But audiences haven’t been used to the new trend of releasing movies on Thursdays. In fact, it has been so much revealing with the results of recent releases that happened on Thursdays.”

Sridhar Pillai, the most happening journalist and trade analyst says, “When a film is released on Thursday that isn’t followed by holidays, it doesn’t benefit it positively. So it is always advisable to release the film on Fridays.”

A film’s release is confirmed by Producers, but most of the business figure constraints are faced by distributor and exhibitors in the circle.

One of the leading distributors across Coimbatore zone, who is far-famed for releasing some of the greatest releases of Tamil cinema in the recent times says, “To be frank, none of the releases that happened on Thursdays happened to see a good opening. When a word of mouth report claims that the film released isn’t worthy to watch, it gradually has a deeper impact on the following days. Henceforth, we, South Tamil Nadu distributors have decided to come up with a resolution of not releasing any Tamil movies on Thursdays, except the fact that it’s a festival day.”

While these statements from the traders, distributors, producers and trade analysts are probably sailing the same route, there comes a different voice from Mr. Ganesh, theatre owner of Kamal Cinemas.

“I would completely agree that releasing movies on Thursdays is a big boon to the theatre owners. Earlier, a film would be released only in a particular theatre across the classified areas of trade zone. But today, the scenario has changed and we see the same movie released in all the theatres of the same area. With this situation on end, there were times, where the audiences had to spend at least 30 rupees for a pirated DVD and VCD, but today with the free internet connection and free online download, it’s a movie watching experience on the go. With so many constraints, theatre owners are bounded to this situation of earning the best collections as possible during the opening weekend. In fact, the movie releases on Thursdays will become a frequent ritual by next year.”

Ringing up to the desk of Rakesh Gauthaman, owner of Vetri Cinemas, he says, “The films that come with big brand of actors and good expectations can be deliberately released on Thursdays. In fact, the recent release ‘Dhuruvangal 16’ hit screens on Thursday and with positive reviews flowing in, the followed three days were filled with good response and occupancies too. But at the same time, if a film doesn’t get a good talk on Thursday, it would gradually have an adverse effect on the following days.”

Drawing conclusions to this topic, we could find that producers of Tamil film industry opted Thursday release because of piracies, online streaming, the atrocities by amateur bloggers after overseas premiere have hampered the opening on movies even before the first day would be complete here. We hope! This new strategy of producers and distributors offers a solution to curb down these constraints and offer good results to the movies.

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