Ennodu Vilaiyaadu Movie Review

Good theme and backdrop, but with flimsy writing

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Direction : Arun Krishnaswami
Production : Toronto Reels & Reyan Studios
Starring : Bharath, Kathir, Chandini Tamilarasan, Sanchita Shetty
Music : A. Moses, Sudharshan M. Kumar
Cinematography : Yuva
Editing : Gopi Krishna

Arun Krishnasamy’s debut directorial ‘Ennodu Vilaiyaadu’ features Bharath, Kathir, Sanchitha Shetty and Chandini in lead roles with Radharavi playing an important role.


The film traverses through the episodes of three persons – Bharath, an employee at Construction Company who lost 27Lacs in betting horse race. He has to payback or else would lose his girlfriend Chandini. Then, his close friend Kathir is in desperate need of 47Lacs to retrieve the house of his girlfriend Sanchita Shetty from bank, which is to be auctioned shortly. Finally, a baron (Radharavi) is planning comeback in horse race and is offered 50Lacs by a bigwig in his circle. All these three lives gets interwoven in a nick of time, where they are wedged by situations and who’s going to be the winner among them is the basic premise of this story.


Filmmaker Arun Krishnasamy has picked up a basic premise of horse race and betting involved in this game by bigwigs and barons. But he doesn’t penetrate deep into the business that could have made it almost like an intriguing thriller of the recent times. On the contrary, the script seems to have pulled up more focus towards the romantic episodes, which makes it a run off the mill film, despites having a strong backdrop. Nevertheless, some of the portions, especially the sequences involving horse racing, an unexpected climax with fantabulous picturing makes it engrossing in parts. Had the director made an intense and deep research into the game of horse race, the hidden techniques to win the race, the conniving tricks involved in betting, it would have been a very much unique film of its own kind. With the film composed of 3-4 parallel tracks, filmmaker Arun and Editor Gopi Krishna have failed to proceed with right transitions and balancing the tracks. Kudoses to cinematographer Yuvan for his earnest efforts in picturing the shots with natural impact… Musical score by A Moses and Sudharshan M Kumar duo has done a decent job with couple of songs and background score gaining our interest.


The characterization of Bharath, who happens to be a guy in desperate need to win his girl of dreams, is neatly done. Well for Kathir, who has been so much shy and silent, especially in the presence of girls and the way he becomes acquainted with Sanchita Shetty merely for the sake of a rat is sketched with decorous skills. Although Sanchita and Chandini have miniscule importance, their role is worthy of appreciations. The characterizations of Radharavi, Yog Japee and Kamala Ganesh remain convincing.

What works?

1. The gripping moments of horse racing
2. Performances
3. Climax

What doesn’t work?

1. Flimsy screenplay
2. Editing
3. Lack of comedy and entertainment factors

Overall, Ennodu Vilaiyaadu comes up with a completely unique plot based on horse racing backdrops and the underworld game of tricks and betting involved. This earnest factor has some possibilities of gaining audiences’ attention.

Verdict : Good theme and backdrop, but with flimsy writing

Rating : 4/10

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