Kadhal Kan Kattudhey Movie Review

Debut filmmaker Shivaraj has penned the script and handled cinematography for ‘Kadhal Kan Kattudhey’.

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Direction : Shivaraj
Production : Kovai Film Mates
Starring : KG, Athulya, Aneeruth
Music : Pawan


Handsome K.G and beautiful Atulya get acquainted during the college days and eventually fall in love with each other. After getting appointed as reporter, Atulya moves to other city and over there, Anirudh, a photo journalist gradually gets attracted and wants to marry her. As K.G. gets to know about this, there begins to be a sort of misunderstanding with Atulya. Will both of them get married or Anirudh makes use of this opportunity to win her heart forms crux of the story.


Debut filmmaker Shivaraj has crafted a simple tale that is based on ego and emotional clashes between young couple in relationship. Although, the basic theme of this film centers on capturing the young audiences, it remains to be doubt if it would fulfill the interests of those audiences, who look out for entertainment movies. The film preaches a good message that a happy life isn’t about money, but about true love and affection. The musical score by debutant Bhavan is average. There could have been some importance given to cinematography and editing.


K.G, Atulya and Anirudh befittingly look perfect for the roles they have played and they have done their roles perfectly. But among them more shines is Atulya, who gives best performance, cute looks and expressions too.

What works?

1. Naturalistic way of storytelling.
2. Star-cast and performance.

What doesn’t work?

1. Lack of entertainment factors.
2. Lack of technical importance to cinematography and editing.

This film is precisely for the ones, who love to watch a film based on young couple in relationship that has some practical and light moments.

Verdict: Although there is a natural projection, the film slightly lacks attention grabbing elements.

Rating: 3.5/10

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