Rum Movie Review

Neither scares, excites or tickles our funny bones anywhere

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Direction : Sai Bharath
Production : All In Pictures
Starring : Hrishikesh, Narain, Sanchita Shetty, Miya George, Vivek
Music : Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography : Vignesh Vasu
Editing : Sathyaraj Natarajan

The film is a horror-heist thriller starring VIP fame Hrishikesh, Sanchita Shetty, Vivek, Amzath Khan, Narain and Miya George in lead roles. The film is directed by debut filmmaker Sai Bharath and is produced by All in Pictures Company with Anirudh composing music.


A group involving Hrishikesh, Sanchita Shetty, Vivek and Amzath Khan decide to loot away some precious stones that are worth millions. But sooner, they find a crooked cop Thomas (Narain) threatening them to carry out the mission as on his instructions. Things go well until the group decides to escape from the clutches of Thomas and they enter a forest bungalow, where they are shook by paranormal activities.


With a running length of approximately 130 minutes, we really get puzzled what genre the film belongs to. The outdated spooky elements don’t scare you anywhere and even the attempts to project ‘RUM’ as a horror-comedy goes failing. The basic premise of the film itself looks irrelevant with the scenes or narration. For the whole movie, we have to wait and watch out if any scenes would excite us or tickle our funny bones, but then it travels with a mediocre impact, where there is nothing that could engage us. The first hour travels with so much of flimsy moments and just before intermission, a good twist is offered, where the ‘Day and Night’ secret is revealed. Just as we assume that there could be some interesting moments during post-intermission, the things remain the same. The characterizations look so amateurish and the actors look doubtful in many episodes of not being aware on what they’re supposed to perform. Even the background score by Anirudh doesn’t get us enthralled, except for the final combat. It turns out to be a huge disappointment for audiences to miss the one and only attraction of this movie ‘Hola Amigo’. Cinematography looks too immature, where the shots are very vague and even the colour grading are too ordinary.


Miya George appearing in miniscule role does her part well and when getting on with rest in the cast, it turns out to be a disappointment. Hrishikesh struggles to deliver a decent act through his body language and dialogue deliveries. Amzath Khan is okay and is completely wasted. Vivek tries to evoke the laughter, but fails completely. Sanchitha Shetty hardly has any dialogues to utter or perform. Narain is a talented actor, but we see him not being utilized in a strong manner.

What works?

Background music by Anirudh in very few parts

What doesn’t work?

Nothing is really impressive in both narrative and technical aspects

On the whole, RUM doesn’t hold a strong plot nor a good narration to keep us engrossed. If director Sai Bharath had crafted a gripping screenplay and letting actors gain more intensity in their characterization and offered strong technical output, the film would have been a good show.

Verdict : Neither scares, excites or tickles our funny bones anywhere

Rating : 3.5/10

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