Pagadi Aattam Movie Review

Worth watching for the engaging second half

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Direction : Ram K. Chandran
Production : Bharani Movies & Marram Movies
Starring : Rahman, Akhil, Gowri Nandha
Music : Karthick Raja
Cinematography : Krishnasamy
Editing : K Srinivas

Pagadi Aattam is as suspense thriller directed by Ram K Chandran, a former associate of veteran filmmaker Mahendran. Let us take a sneak peek into the film’s theme and the analysis here.


The film revolves around a rich devil-may-care Surendar, who happens to be only son of a rich businessman (Nizhalgal Ravi). While his only motives are to flirt and chisel young beautiful girls, he comes across an innocent girl Monika from poor family, who falls prey to his innocuous act. Unable to bear the disaster in her life, she commits suicide. Apparently, he is kidnapped by some mysterious strangers and then comes a tough and smart police (Rahman), who investigates this case to trap them all.


Although, we have already seen movies based on such themes, the film holds certain attention for the screenplay is crafted using the latest technological advancements. Especially, the scene setting by director gains additional scope for keeping us engaged in parts. The mysterious sequencing of Surendar’s kidnap and the predictability of the culprit being slightly revealed through the flashback of Monika hampers the progression of film during latter parts. If director had carefully worked on the placement on scenes and holding suspense till the end, it would have yet more engrossing. The first half travels with light moments of fun-filled youngsters, family sentiments and few emotions, but the momentum gets perfect with the arrival of Rahman, which ends with an unpredictable and gripping climax. The background score by Karthik Raja offers more substantiality to the screenplay. But the cinematography by Krishnasamy and editing by K Srinivasan doesn’t live up to the perfect standard.


Following a stupendous performance as police officer in Dhuruvangal 16, we yet again see Rahman as a cop. He takes a cakewalk with decorous performance with perfect mannerisms and body language. But it’s disappointing to hear someone dub his voice and diminish his valuable performance. His role is an exemplification of sincere and honest police officers, who aren’t trapped and confined to the corruption and dishonesty, but wilfully deliver sincere work. Surendar has done a remarkable job as a spoilt rich boy laden with the bad habit of womanizing. Others in the cast including Monika as an innocent girl, her sister role played by Gowri Nanda, the suspenseful character of Akil, Nizhalgal Ravi, Karuthamma fame Rajashri and Sudha have done their respective roles with justification.

What works?

Gripping second half and climax
Background score

What doesn’t work?

Predictable scenes and screenplay
Cinematography, Editing and certain technical aspects.

The film holds a strong plot and message that is a take on how young innocent and ignorant girls are chiselled by the notorious miscreants. But if narrated with a gripping first half and strong technical aspects, the film would have been better.

Verdict : Worth watching for the engaging second half

Rating : 4/10

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