Anirudh’s opening song for Santhanam

Anirudh has crooned the introduction song for Santhanam’s Sakka Podu Podu Raja composed by STR.

News 22-Feb-2017 10:56 AM IST RM Comments

It all turned to be a much surprisal news when STR announced on his directorial debut with the film ‘Sakka Podu Podu Raja’, where he took it up all for the sake of his friend Santhanam. Recently, the intro song for Santhanam was recorded and music director Anirudh has crooned it for STR and Santhanam. The title song goes with the lyrics ‘Kalakku Macchan Kalakkure’, which is written and composed by STR. The makers are planning to shoot the film in the backdrop of San Francisco.

Likely, another song in this album is expected to be crooned by STR’s father T Rajendran. The film is set against the backdrops of celebrations of humour in the village. There is also a melodious duet in the album, where STR is planning to introduce a new male and female singer.

One of the highlighting traits is that STR is composing music using Live instrumentals.

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