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Yaman Movie Preview

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Vijay Antony films have always carried something based on emotional values and human relationships. With his last year success of Picchaikaaran and Saithan taking him to decent heights over career graph, the actor is all set for the big bang release of ‘Yaman’ schedule for tomorrow. We at Top 10 Cinema bring you 5 good reasons that it would have an instant attraction to pull crowds.

The current political scenario

The current political scenario in Tamil Nadu has been getting through a much speculative and sensational phase of upheavals and turmoil. Now this film would definitely have its reflection when an ordinary man decides to get into politics. Vijay Antony has essayed such a role that was affirmed by Jeeva Shankar, director of this film.

Star-cast and performance

All that we have witnessed till the date with the visual promos and trailer is that the film has promising actors including lead protagonists – Vijay Antony and Miya George. Alongside them, we have actor-producer Thyagarajan, Charlie and many more prominent actors playing important roles. We can be assured that they all have a strong role to perform in their respective arenas.

Miya George’s characterization

For the first time, a film would be completely revolving around a female protagonist although a very well known mass and class actor like Vijay Antony happens to be a part of this film. Miya George in her recent interview mentioned that the entire film is based on her role as an actress and she has been given plenty of scope to perform well.

Jeeva Shankar’s screenplay

In both of his films titled ‘Naan’ and ‘Amara Kaaviyam’, Jeeva Shankar had established a unique pattern of screenplay, where they differed in genres, but had an engrossing narration. Producer-actor Thyagarajan has affirmed that there would be interesting twists and turns now and then in the film, which will keep pushing the screenplay furthermore ahead.

Visual magic of Jeeva Shankar

Apart from helming the project as director, Jeeva Shankar’s cinematography proficiency will be adding more values to the film. It is so much illustrious with the film’s visuals that we saw through sneak peek, promos and songs.

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