Yaman Movie Review

Runs short off engaging sequences throughout

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Direction : Jeeva Shankar
Production : Lyca Productions, Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Starring : Vijay Antony, Miya George, Thiagarajan
Music : Vijay Antony
Cinematography : Jeeva Shankar
Editing : Veera Senthil Raj

Following the last year releases – Saithan and Picchaikaaran, Vijay Antony gets his first release of this year hitting screens today. The film titled ‘Yaman’ is directed by Jeeva Shankar, which marks the second time collaboration with Vijay Antony after the grand success of ‘Naan’. The film features Miya George in female lead role and others in the cast includes Charlie, Thyagarajan, Sangili Murugan and few more prominent actors. The film is produced by Lyca Productions in collaboration with Fathima Vijay Antony under the banner of Vijay Antony Film Corporation.


Vijay Antony happens to be an orphan, who is raised by his grandfather Sangili Murugan. During a certain juncture in order to raise fund for his surgery, Vijay Antony accepts a crime that he didn’t commit, all for the sake of his grandpa. Apparently, he gets wedged between unwanted personalities in the political scenario and what unfolds next is a series of unexpected twists and turns.


Jeeva Shankar’s debut film ‘Naan’ had featured a screenplay that came with lots of twist and turns. The expectations were pretty bigger with this film and everyone expected a very much engrossing screenplay and the crafting of characterizations in this film ‘Yaman’. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t exceed our expectations here and there are few engaging moments. The first half proceeds with a much flimsy writing, where major portions are utilized all for the sake of establishing characterizations. By the time, the film enters second hour, there are lots of slow paced momentum. Vijay Antony seems to have been stuck into the same pattern of roles, where his mannerisms and body languge remains the same. It would be nice if he can break the barriers and come across some newfangled pattern in roles and his selection of scripts.

Most of the sequences in the film are more predictable and even before something based on twist would occur, we can easily look out and make a right guess. This happens to be the major problem of the film and Jeeva Shankar could have made it more appealing. For instance, the opening prologue of the film, where the double act of Vijay Antony is established could have been done by the second half or by the point of intermission.

When it come to technical front, the musical score by Vijay Antony happens to be a flimsy one. The previous association of Jeeva Shankar and Vijay Antony in ‘Naan’ had some commendable numbers and even the background score was very much groovy. But when it comes to this film, there isn’t much that we get imbibed to. The visual treat by Jeeva Shankar is middling and few songs have been nicely shot.


As mentioned earlier, Vijay Antony seems to be sporting the same kind of characterizations, mannerisms and body languages that have been constantly getting him through the same mode. But then, it would be nice if he can opt for something on a changeable note. Miya George looks cute, but then she doesn’t get well with the modern attires. Thyagarajan looks odd for the role and he is too outlandish that he doesn’t even utter the dialogues wit h the right flow. Charlie steals the show with his performance and his portions are very well done. Sangili Murugan on his part gets it done properly with his episodes. But then, the characterizations doesn’t stand out to be powerful to keep us hooked up over the screens.

What works?

Vijay Antony

What doesn’t work?

Technical aspects

On the whole, the makers of Yaman affirmed that it would keep the audiences engrossed throughout the film with lots of twists and turns lined up with an unpredictable screenplay. But it fails to hold up the audiences on a substantial plot and keeps moving with vague narration.

Verdict : Runs short off engaging sequences throughout.

Rating : 4/10

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