The possession of Medical Thrillers in Kollywood

The possession of Medical Thrillers in Kollywood

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Tamil film industry has always been of such instances, where the genres would change in accordance with seasons. From love stories to the psychotically confined tales, from being dons to conjuring up the ghosts, Kollywood has been going through a high phase of transformations through the genres. The current season seems to be completely bounded up with medical thrillers and we do have couple of releases – Yakkai and Kuttram 23, which is based on same genres. We do bring you some of the all time cherry-picks of this genre.

Pulan Visarnai – The film was released before 26 years and is still regarded as one of the best thrillers of all times. Starring Vijayakanth in lead role, the film was loosely based on the real life characterization of notorious killer Auto Shankar. But it had some intriguing elements of being a medical thriller that kept us not only edge of seats, but exposed a gruesome truth that happens in the black market of medical industry.

Ee – Released nearly before a decade, SP Jhananathan exposed a very bitter truth that is prevalent in the contemporary society, where poor and underprivileged people in poverty are misused for the medical experiments that sometimes have cost the life as well.

Vadacurry - The film focused on the circulation of expired drugs among the shops, which indeed made things so much horrible for the innocent people. But it was narrated with the peck of humour by debut filmmaker Saravana Rajan, which starred Jai and Swathi Reddy in lead roles.

Saithan – Although Vijay Antony’s Saithan was based on a fictional take on reincarnation, there was a sort of corporate medical conspiracy involved. We do find a bunch of bigwigs involved over the manufacturing of a drug that would trigger ones hormonal sensitivities turning them hyper-active. The film’s protagonist Vijay Antony gets imbibed to the memories of his past life.

Bairavaa – This year started off with Vijay’s Bairavaa that had hit screens for Pongal. The film focussed on the gruesome reality of a social issue, where innocent medical college students and their parents have been chiselled by unethical medical colleges that are started off by fraudulent people, who have no proper knowledge or practical experience in the medical field.

Kuttram 23 – The film happens to be an inspiration from Rajesh Kumar’s famous medical crime thriller novel, which again traverses through a serious reality. It involves a honest police officer involved over the uncovering of this mystery and bring into the light a shocking truth in the field of medical science.

Yakkai – The film starring Krishna, Swathi, Guru Somasundaram and Prakash Raj in lead roles is directed by Kulandhai Velappan. The film strongly focalizes upon a very much disturbingly provocative sensational issue in the world of medical science, especially in Tamil Nadu.

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