Mupparimanam Movie Review

Interesting in very few parts

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Direction : Adhiroopan
Production : Shamayalaya Creations
Starring : Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Srushti Dange, Skanda Ashok
Music : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : Rasamathi
Editing : Vivek Harshan

With high level of promotions involved, Mupparimanam happens to be this week’s release. The film is directed by debut filmmaker Adhiroopan starring Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Srushti Dange in lead roles. Let us take a look on what’s the best and what doesn’t work with this movie.


The film revolves around two childhood friends – Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Srushti Dange, who after going to college fall in love with each other. But on unexpected degree, things take a turn when a celebrity actor Skanda Ashok visits the college cultural and falls in love with Srushti Dange. In return, Srushti in desperate addiction of name, fame and money breaks up with Shanthnu and decides to marry the actor. Completely stuck in unbearable sorrow, he becomes mentally depressed and adding more sorrow is the demise of his mother. Now with the marriage planned up between Skanda and Srushti, Shanthanu kidnaps her and what unfolds next is a series of unexpected twists and turns.


In the past, we have seen whole lot of such movies, where girls would leave their beau all for the sake of money and other reasons. Although, this movie has such a template of tale, director Adhiroopan tries to narrate the story with some difference. The twists and turns in the screenplay in few parts are quite interesting. The characterizations prepared by the director that includes Srushti Dange, who wants to make us of life opportunity for wealth and fame, the disappointed heartbroken Shanthanu and Skanda who preaches true love is the greatest gift that one can be availed with are very well sketched.

With a running length of 2 hours 20 minutes, the first half proceeds with a much sluggish style, but sooner with the point of Srushti Dange’s abduction, things try to gain up momentum. The film’s climax arrives on a much unexpected twist and it’s a big question whether audiences would perceive it on a good note. The musical score by GV Prakash in both aspects of songs and background are appreciable. Ramasamy has captured the scenic beauties of Tamil Nadu and Kerala with his lens. Vivek Harshan could have imposed some cuts in few places, especially during first half.


When listing upon the movies of Shanthnu till the date, this one unleashes his best of his performance. As a lover boy and aggressive action blocks, he expresses his inmost dedication upon the role.

Srushti Dange is just okay. Although the role of Skanda Ashok is minimal in appearance, he delivers what is required for the characterization. Others in the cast including Ravi Prakash, who plays the baddie, Thambi Ramaiah adding up humour and few other actors have tried to exhibit their nuances.

What works?

1. Characterizations of Shanthanu, Srushti and Skanda.
2. Last 30 minutes of the film including climax

What doesn’t work?

1. Old patterned story
2. Running length

Mupparimanam turns out to be a routine romantic thriller, which would have been better with a gripping narration and screenplay.

Verdict : Interesting in very few parts

Rating : 3.5/10

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