“I don’t want any producers to beg for their film’s release” – Vishal

Actor Vishal rendered an emotional speech during the event of announcing manifesto of Tamil Film Producers Council.

News 6-Mar-2017 11:28 AM IST RM Comments

The entire team involving Vishal’s Team interacted with media channels about their manifesto. Speaking on the occasion Vishal came up with an emotional speech saying, “When I was in my school, I once saw my father in a begging gesture to release his film at the gates of Gemini Lab. Although my father didn’t commit any mistake or fault, he had to beg for his movie to get released. I hereby, make a promise that no other producer would suffer such an agony and I will make sure it will not happen after winning this election at Tamil Film Producers Council.”

When it was the turn of producer K.E. Gnanavel Raja, he amused everyone with his speech of emotions and few jocular statements as well saying, “If we win this election as a team, we make sure that we would accomplish even the fake promises made by Kalaipuli S Dhanu sir in the manifesto of previous elections. There are many producers who have quit the film production with heavy dreams confined to their emotions. We as a team would bring them back to get their dreams turning into reality.”

SR Prabhu listed out the manifesto of their team that includes the free land distribution for the members of Tamil Film Producers Council.

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