Raghava Lawrence clarifies on ‘Makkal Superstar’

With the title ‘Makkal Superstar’ being tagged to Raghava Lawrence during the credits of Motta Siva Ketta Siva, the actor clarifies.

News 10-Mar-2017 12:51 PM IST RM Comments

It was a mixed response to see the name of Raghava Lawrence credited with ‘Makkal Superstar’ during the opening title of yesterday release ‘Motta Siva Ketta Siva’. The film is produced by RB Choudary of Super Good Films and is directed by Sai Ramani of ‘Singam Puli’ fame. Raghava Lawrence has come into the situation clarifying on this saying, “Sai Ramani sir told me that there is a surprise element for me that would be unveiled by the opening title of this movie. I would like to make it clear I saw Swami Raghavendra in the form of Superstar Rajinikanth sir alone. He was the one who introduced me into the industry and I owe him a lot. As a dedication to my mother, I will have her name prefixed to mine in forthcoming releases – Kanmani Raghava Lawrence.”

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