Power Pandi Music Review

One of the beautiful albums in recent times

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Dhanush’s debut directorial ‘Power Pandi’ features the musical score by Sean Roldan, who is far-famed for some melodious treats in the erstwhile albums. The film is based on the lives of stuntmen and Raj Kiran plays the lead role with Dhanush as his younger age version.

Singers: Ananthu, Chorus
Lyrics: Selvaraghavan

Selvaraghavan’s esthetical sense of lyrical essence has been evident in many of his movies that include ‘Ennanna Seidhom’ from Mayakkam Enna and even few tracks in ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ as well. Apparently, the beautiful words are recreated here as well that speaks about the joy and celestial feel of a man’s heart that speaks through words. The musical accompaniment of guitars on rhythmic strokes followed by the embellishment of piano is pretty elating.

Singers: Dhanush, Chorus
Lyrics: Dhanush

It’s a neat song that comes into the folk genre, which has a rural touch. The Nathaswaram portions that come over interlude are appreciable. The song would definitely have its realm with the visuals and it sounds like it is pictured on Raj Kiran.

Singers: Sean Roldan, Shwetha Mohan
Lyrics: Selvaraghavan

It all goes into the swing of faint reminiscence of beautiful melodies that we are still blessed with Ilayaraja. So much of intriguing instrumentals that has pleasant touch and that becomes a major attraction of this number. Sean Roldan’s natural voice signifies innocence and Shwetha Mohan stands out with her blissful rendition.

Veesum Kaathodathan
Singers: Sean Roldan, Anthony Daasan
Lyrics: Raju Murugan

The orchestral strings and flute with the right tempo of rhythmic accompaniment offer lots of adornments. But it’s not a pick for the first time you hear it and maybe, the situational placement could be considered as a factor that might help it achieve the right status.

Venpani Malare
Singers: Sean Roldan
Lyrics: Dhanush

This is such a beautiful track that will send you in the mindsets of listening it over and again. So much of serenity and the flute portions just leave you no options, but just get addicted to it and everything that involves this song – Vocalism, Lyrics and Music are just spellbinding.

Venpani Malare
Singers: Shwetha Mohan
Lyrics: Dhanush

A number that will instantly let you fall in love with the song prompting you for repeated hearing. One of the best numbers from Shwetha Mohan that keeps up the mellifluous stroke throughout, which gets embellished by the neat and simple yet attention grabbing musical rhythm… The prelude itself leaves you imbibed with more attention towards the song.

On the whole, the songs composed by Sean Roldan are just inspiringly serene and so much compelling that it would be one of the rarest albums that have to be owned by every music lover.

Verdict : One of the beautiful albums in recent times…

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