Nishabdam Movie Review

Nisabdham is a film that loudly speaks about the socialistic issues, which should be missed out.

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Direction : Micheal Arun
Production : Miracle Pictures
Starring : Ajay, Abhinaya, Kishore
Music : Shawn Jazeel
Cinematography : S J Star

The film is based on the serious social issues of sexual harassments that is happening in our country. The film is directed by debut filmmaker Michael Arun and let us has a look on what this film is all about.

Ajay is a Tamilian working at car service centre in Bengaluru and his wife Abhinaya runs a small provision store besides their residence. Their lives are felt so much blessed with their 8-yr old daughter Sadhanya until she is exposed to sexual harassment by a drunkard. Having been affected mentally and physically, the film unfolds the struggles of parents to get their daughter overcome the unbearable pain.

The film is based on the real life incident that happened in Bengaluru before years shocking the entire nation. The director in accordance to naturalistic approach of storytelling as opted the same city of Bengaluru as backdrops. The film opens with the flashback sequence of Ajay and Abhinaya relationship following which we are commuted to the beautiful world of innocuous kids in the school. All of sudden, the unexpected shocking that occurs with the gruesome drama leaves us confined to 2 hours of emotional sequences. Although, there could be few diminishing elements, it doesn’t become a hurdle in moving the screenplay forward. Especially, the director deserves special mention for not including any commercial element in the film.

By the end of show, one thing that strikes everyone’s mind is that such movies, which explores the hard-hitting truth of gruesome and cruel deeds affecting innocents and the ones surrounding them should be encouraged wholeheartedly that many movies of this genre are frequently made with quality. Beautiful picturing by cinematography S.K. Star is appreciable and musical score by debutant Shaan Jazeel is commendable with background score.

Both Ajay and Abhinaya as a couple from middle class family background have done a remarkably excellent job. Their conflicts with life over inevitable pain and their earnest efforts during the painful journey to revive their daughter’s life have been very well portrayed. Sadhanya, the little girl as the victim just stands out to be an excellent performer and she is just unbeatable. The sequences where she has been assaulted and she gets scared up when even her dad approaches her leaves you in tears. Pazhani who travels alongside this family as a close friend has done a great job with his realistic acting. Kishore essaying the role of Karnataka police and A Venkatesh as lawyer, Ritu as Medical therapist and everyone rendered an impeccable show.

The film showcases the so-called unacceptable, hard but a shocking truth that criminals can easily escape from the legal clutches with loopholes and on the pars, it brings forth the importance of eliminating the alcoholism and importance of respecting women and children…

Nisabdham is a film that loudly speaks about the socialistic issues, which should be missed out.

(Since the film speaks about the truth and reality with a strong message, we don’t want to categorize it with ratings...)

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