Kavan Trailer Review

Kavan Trailer Review

Features 13-Mar-2017 1:39 PM IST RM Comments

One thing that is so much substantial about Kavan Trailer is that KV Anand has made an intense research upon the world of media with its contemporary aspects from Social Media, the misusing of reality shows turning innocents into victims and the set up of a corporate media office. It usually happens to be Madhur Bhandarkar from Bollywood or Ram Gopal Varma, who would throw such realistic lights into the unexplored, world of media and corporate. Over here in Tamil cinema, we have come across lots of movies that are based on media, but what makes KV Anand special is that he brings the ‘Power and Influence of Youth’ upon his scripts. It was so much evident in Ko and this could be regarded as his second installment of his ‘Media based thriller’ trilogy.

The 2 minutes and 15 seconds trailer of ‘Kavan’ is exotically mind-grabbing, where there are lots of dramas and establishment of characterizations. First of all, the new look of Bose Venkat is completely stunning and we do see a different and new dimension for actor Vikranth too. KV Anand films usually have the sudden zoom in camera moments and here it is so much evident.

There are lots of actors in the cast, which will definitely pull in more crowds. The makers have refrained from displaying songs and there is no separate scope for romance. It looks like romance would be a part of the premise and not a parallel one. One thing is there for sure that all the actors have given their best. Editing by Anthony is worthy of remarkable work.

The raciness has been very well projected through the editing cuts. Also the art work by DRK Kiran is so much intriguing and stunt works by Dhilip Subbarayan is appreciable.

Kudos to KV Anand for completely unveiling what this film is going to be all about for preparing audiences for the show.

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