Baahubali – The Conclusion Trailer Review

Baahubali 2 Trailer Review

Features 16-Mar-2017 11:18 AM IST RM Comments

What else can an ardent fan of ‘Baahubali’ can look up for? The wait has been prolonging for nearly 2 years and finally it is all arriving in a much more grandiloquent and grandiose manner. The film will have a simultaneous release in many regional languages on April 28, 2017 and to our excitements prolonging, the film’s full length theatrical trailer has been unveiled before few minutes. With a running length of 2mins 25secs, it offers a complete insight about what this is going to be all about. More grandeur, More action, More emotions, More love and to finally end with – More Revenge.

When we say the word ‘More Revenge’, the final shot in the film’s trailer is more than enough to bring up all together to signify the intensity. The close two-shot between Prabhas and Rana Daggubati speaks more language that 2mins 20secs of action and grandeur actually. When it comes to CG and animation, we tend to notice some amateur shots, where the Green matte is easily noticeable, especially with the fast horse riding sequence of Prabhas. Perhaps, this is happening to our eyes impressions because of the fact that first installment was too bigger to eclipse up little diminishing elements. But this time, the ground is very much well know to the audiences and there are few chances that even a front bencher might come up with pulling 10 Mistakes in Baahubali – The Conclusion (Jocular statement).

SS Rajamouli is someone, who can entice you with the simplest starter and get you indulged with an inevitable mammoth experience. It could be a blunt and blatant call for Baahubali – The Conclusion as well. He is someone who knows the pulse of audiences, where they would scream up out of excitements and where they can get emotionally bounded. There is a particular shot, where a gigantic fist rolled up with deadly chain punch at the biceps and it rolls down with 48fps mode.

We don’t see Tamannaah much out here and it is so evident that Anushka Shetty has more to get her substantiality. The silhouette shot from the final credits of Baahubali – The Beginning with Kattappa killing Baahubali is yet again repeated. Of course, there is a special surprise too, where the aftermath shot of both sitting face to face too is revealed.

Musically, it’s beyond tremendous impact with the background score having its realms and cinematography is literally astounding.

But then, the excitements of the first part teaser is slightly missing out with the second installment, maybe because of overused ‘Baahubali’ references in many movies, YouTube videos and so many stuffs.

But just think of one man – SS Rajamouli. He can just offer you Goosebumps at the unexpected points and that’s what Baahubali – The Conclusion could be too…

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