Bruce Lee Movie Review

Disappointing film

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Direction : Prashanth Pandiraj
Production : Kenanya Films, PK Film Factory
Starring : G.V. Prakash Kumar, Kriti Kharbanda
Music : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : P. V. Shankar
Editing : Pradeep E. Ragav, G. Manoj Gyann

This was a film that was supposed to release before a long time and after much delayed phase, ‘Bruce Lee’ finally hits screens today. The film is directed by Prashanth Pandiarajan and is produced by Selvakumar of Kenanya Films. GV Prakash and Kriti Kharbanda have played the lead roles in this film, which features Munishkanth, Bala Saravanan and Anand Raj in important roles.


The film has a wafer-thin storyline that revolves around Bruce Lee (GV Prakash), who by an misfortunate coincidence happens to click photo on a live murder committed by God father (Munishkanth) upon a leading politician (Mansoor Ali Khan). In turn, GV Prakash’s girlfriend (Kriti Kharbanda) and Bala Saravanan’s girlfriend, who are close acquaintances, get kidnapped by God father asking Bruce Lee (GV Prakash) to handover the camera, which is the blatant evidence. What unfolds next is a series of cat and mouse game among these characters.


Filmmaker Prashanth Pandiarajan takes up an onion skin plot to narrate it with a black comedy format, but it instantly turns out to be a fallible one in next 15 minutes from title credits. You don’t see it going through a steady phase and that’s because of vague screenplay. we get to wonder where’s the story actually travelling towards. When compared to some of the previous adult comedies from GV Prakash, the double entendres are in dearth, which might attract family audiences to a certain extent. However, the lack of gripping moments, where most of the hilarious episodes as attempted by Bala Saravanan, Munishkanth and Anand Raj goes in vain. By the end of show, we tend to puzzled up what actually happened for the past couple of hours. Technically, the cinematography in certain locations has been very well captured. The songs aren’t appealing either and even the placement looks improper.


There is nothing special about the performance in star-cast. GV Prakash as usual happens to do his best to attract the ‘Boys’ group and he can opt for some improvisations with his acting skills. Kriti Kharbanda looks gorgeous and she might appeal to the interests of youngsters, but she could have bagged a better debut in Kollywood than this film. Bala Saravanan comedy tracks are not completely enjoyable. Munishkanth has been wasted out here. His projection as a hilarious baddie turns out to be a major disappointment. Anand Raj as a hilarious cop has nothing to perform here.

What works?

1. Cinematography
2. BGM in few places

What doesn’t work?

1. Basic story
2. Screenplay
3. Performance

Overall, Bruce Lee turns out to be a film that doesn’t carry a proper storyline laced with fallible writing that lets us yearn for the climax right by the first hour itself.

Verdict : Disappointing film

Rating : 3/10

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