Kaatru Veliyidai Music Review

Eternal divinity that pecks up to the commercial musical zone.

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It happens that when an AR Rahman album is in stores, the experience of music lovers definitely happens to be a different one. The album always remains to be a package of instant picks, experiments that lets you explore new panoramas and then few tracks that will let you fall in love with it after consistent hearings. That’s a magical touch of AR Rahman that happens with every album. In Kaatru Veliyidai, it is almost a similar scenario and here we bring you an exclusive look on analysis of six tracks.

Nallai Illai
Singer: Sathya Prakash, Chinmayi
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

For the ones, who aren’t aware about the word ‘Nallai Illai’, it’s referred ‘Nyaayam Illai’ (Not Fair in English). It happens to be one of the most beautiful verses of a Tamil literary poem, where a girl complains moon that her beau comes out to take a walk only by that time of night. It has been translated to a man’s perspective here. It’s so eternal and so much compelling that will let us brood over it for moments even after the song is over.

Singer: Arjun Chandy, Haricharan, Jonita Gandhi
Lyrics: Karky
Punjabi Lyrics: Navneeth Virk

The song doesn’t need an introduction for those who have already fallen in love with it. The first time we got to hear, no doubt! We were hooked up with the shorter duration track that extends not more than 4 minutes and we have it all exalted. The vocalisms of the singers and AR Rahman’s innovative style to bring up some special sound effects like chirpy crows and sparrows that marks the dawn of love and time. The Punjabi verses during the interlude are a cherry pick that would definitely appeal for the North Indian territories.

Singer: Shashaa Tirupati
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Call of the soul that ponders over the absence of soul mate. It’s a well written song that has some unconventional lines happening by the first verse, where she sings, “When he’s with me, he would think off some other girl, but when some girl, he never forgets me...” Saashaa Tripati has given an extreme effort into the track, although in few places, her pronunciations could have been better. OMG! The musical accompaniment with few pecks of additional voices that we hear in echoed paradigms are simply extraordinary.

Saarattu Vandiyila
Singers: AR Raihanah, Tipu, Nikhita Gandhi
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Thanks to AR Rahman for commuting us to his trademark style of 90s and he just makes it more appealing with simplistic instrumentals, but with appealing vocalisms – AR Raihannah and Tippu come up with an impulsive celebration mode to offer us the grandeur. The instrumentals with simple effort yet so much enthralling are the biggest factors here. It’s definitely going to be a much more charming treat with the visuals. Nikhita Gandhi offers her best rendition as well.

Tango Kelaayo
Singer: Haricharan, Diwakar
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

As we mentioned out there in the introduction part, this is one such track that might not immediately appeal to our senses as this genre is something unique and not very much familiar to the region here. AR Rahman had attempted one such track in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamaasha and it worked out on the best. Over here, Haricharan and Diwakar make their best rendition and the lyrical verses by Vairamuthu are poetic with certain charm.

Singers: AR Rahman, Trjinder Singh
Rap Vocals: Rajakumari, Shikara
Lyrics: Shellee

If one would claim ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’ as a Pan-Indian or an International album, it’s worthy to be appreciated and accepted. The album comprises of such different musical genres with the lyrical verses happening in Punjabi too. Of course, the story is set against such backdrops of region and it’s a ‘TRANCE’ kind of song that will grab your attention with consistent listening. The Rap vocals by Rajakumari and Shikara are the greatest highlights, especially the rendition ‘You were there, You were not there’ just takes you through the flight of fantasy.

Marking 25th year of collaboration, Maniratnam and AR Rahman are back to offer their synonymous results – that’s often called CHARTBUSTER. The album comes very well etched with trenchant efforts of AR Rahman. Special mention to the lyrics that doesn’t get too ethnic with the poetic verses, but at the same time sticks up to the perception levels of contemporary listeners, who aren’t very much familiar with that unconventional Tamil.

Verdict: Eternal divinity that pecks up to the commercial musical zone.

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