Power Pandi Trailer Review

Power Pandi Trailer Review

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If someone who isn’t very much aware about the directorial debut of ‘Power Pandi’ and they’re having an opportunity to watch this film, they would amazed to see that it’s a directorial work from Dhanush. While father is very much into different genre of movies, his elder brother Selvaraghavan came up with something based on rustic and realistic love stories and of course some unconventional genres too. But Dhanush offers an amazing surprise with ‘Power Pandi’ as it speaks through the eyes of an elderly man, a 64-yr old protagonist. Last time, we personally felt such significance was in a Hollywood movie ‘World’s Fastest Indian’, where a grandfather is forsaken out of his happiness, even by his own family, but then he conquers his dreams and never lets anything let go at an ease.

One thing that reflect through the film’s trailer is that the various depths of relationship through the lineage of grandfather, son and grandson. Glimpsing upon the realistic approach of our very own lives, we feel that grandparents and grandchildren share a close connection, while the ones – parents in the middle league always have a problem coping with the changing times. It was initially seen in Anjali Menon’s ‘Ustad Hotel’, where these references are very easily connected.

A sense of matured presentation is so much evident with the trailer. Good content is the soul of any film and it would definitely reach to the far-flung corners touching hearts… It doesn’t need a commercial nurturing of famous brands or combinations that proved previous success. Let’s say the new combination of Dhanush-Sean Roldan, where the songs have already proved to be a huge success. The background score over here is yet more compelling.

The trailer introduces us to many characters in the film except Madonna Sebastian, who will believe could be the younger version of Revathi.

Let us save the excitements for the full length feature….

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