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Strong and emotionally compelling film

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Direction : Vijay Milton
Production : Rough Note
Starring : Bharath, Rajakumaran, Bharath Seeni, Subiksha, Radhika Prasidhha
Music by songs : S. N. Arunagiri
Backround Score : Anoop Seelin
Cinematography : Vijay Milton
Editing : J.R. John Abraham

Cinematographer-director Vijay Milton who struggled up with ’10 Endradhukulla’ has got his latest outing ‘Kadugu’ hitting screens. The film stars Rajakumaran, Bharath and Radhika Prasidhha in lead roles with Suriya releasing the film under his home banner 2D Entertainment.


Puli Pandi is a professional Tiger Dance artist and he is a very much good hearted person, who is known for his innocence. During this juncture, the newly appointed police officer (A Venkatesh) keeps Puli Pandi as his personal aide in residence. In the same town is Boxer Nambi (Bharath), who has earned good reputation for his nature in the town. On an occasion, he invites a politician as chief guest for the village festival and at this point, the politician attempts to molest a school girl, who happens to be the close acquaintance of Puli Pandi. Although Boxer Nambi witnesses this cruel deed of politician, he keeps quiet feeling that he might lose the futuristic privileges. After few days, the school girl passes away and Puli Pandi gets to know about the hidden dirty secret. He now sets out to seek revenge upon the politician and this forms the crux of story with a strong message by end.


A crystal-clear story with engrossing screenplay with perfect casting and good nuance performance, where none of these elements gets exaggerated makes the film appreciable. The hard-hitting dialogues are yet another highlighting trait in this film, which keeps up the applause in the theatres. For Vijay Milton, who had to face some downfall through the film ’10 Endradhukulla’ has managed to make a decent sweep with this movie. The characterization sketch happens to be the biggest plus in the film. Rajakumaran appearing as an innocent person and the equally powerful role of Nambi has been crafted decorously. Although the portions of Bharath Seeni falling in love with Subiksha seemingly look like a purposely thrust one, it is enjoyable. Radhika Prasidhha playing the role of a school teacher and having a Facebook chat relationship with Rajakumaran are enlivening. But what stands out to be a stunning work from Vijay Milton is the climax portion. The background score by Arungiri is commendable, but his songs don’t gain our attention. Cinematography by Vijay Milton and editing by J.R. John Abraham offer more substantiality to the script. There are few diminishing elements like logical misses, few characters purposely inserted, which if avoided would have made Kadugu more engrossing.


Filmmaker Rajakumaran spells off awe-inspiring performance through his role of Puli Pandi. His diversified role as an innocent man throughout the film followed by a sudden violent changeover by the climax leaving ‘Boxer’ Bharath in Discombobulations is fantabulous. After a long time, we tend to see a perfect acting by Bharath, who comes up with much more stunning performance as a boxer.

Subiksha who appears as the female lead in this film, doesn’t get much to score and her characterization has minimal prominence. But her performance is worthy of appreciations.

Radhika Prasidhha, who appears as a school teacher wins our attention with episodes that involves her flashback. Even her performance is best in places.

The performance by Bharath Seeni and A Venkatesh is good in places and their roles are very well etched.

What works?

1. Story, Direction
2. Star-cast and performance
3. Climax

What doesn’t work?

1. Bharath Seeni characterization
2. Songs
3. Logical quotients

On the whole, a scintillating direction by Vijay Antony, the brilliant performance of Rajakumaran and Bharath makes it a clear sure-footed winner among the audiences, who love and appreciate compelling movies.

Verdict : Strong and emotionally compelling film

Rating : 5/10

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