Kavan special: Journalistic showstoppers of Tamil Cinema

Kavan special: Journalistic showstoppers of Tamil Cinema

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Journalism and films have always been the closest synonymous panoramas. Well, they have a thing called ‘Perfection’, ‘Intense Research’ and so called elements that need colossal craftsmanship that brings out an immense result. Maybe, being general people would have not gained a proper knowledge about the real life journalists, but there have been few Tamil movies and filmmakers, who have projected the painstaking role of such personalities. Filmmaker KV Anand and few other filmmakers have rendered their best in sketching characterizations. With KV Anand’s Kavan set against the backdrops of media and corporate world hitting screens on March 31, we bring you glimpses on few such characterizations in the past.

Srikanth in Sathurangam

When Srikanth was going through stereotypical roles (although he attempted some unconventional characters in his erstwhile movies), Sathurangam turned to be a benchmark for this actor. He was featured in a much substantial role, where Karu Pazhaniappan staged a sensitive issue in the backdrop. In spite of the film hitting screens late in time after much sensational hype about this film, his characterization was very well appreciated.

Arjun in Mudhalvan

Who can forget this role played by Action King Arjun? Crafted by the man of astounding rhetorical skills – Late writer Sujatha offered a stunning script based on the real life incident of Richard Nixon Interview. This indeed inspired many people to take up journalism and such was realistic writing on Arjun’s characterization.

Anuja Iyer in Unnai Pol Oruvan

Although, the film happens to be a remake of super hit Bollywood film ‘A Wednesday’; there wasn’t much scope for the journalist out there in there. But when it came down to the Tamil remake, Kamal Haasan and Chakri Toleti offered a heavy and strong characterization for Anuja Iyer. Her attitude and gesture was literally stunning that is possessed by many such vigorous journalists.

Shahrukh Khan in Uyire

Of course, this film by Maniratnam had such an emotional and dark backdrop, where a journalist falls in love with a terrorist. Despites the major portions were dedicated towards the conflicts between SRK and Manisha Koraila, he didn’t miss to bring forth the professional front of the protagonist. His curiosities, tension and gripping moments with terrorists group is still regarded as the best sequence from the movie.

Arvind Swamy in Bombay

Maniratnam’s yet another masterpiece that traverses through the most controversial event of Indian country, where the religious conflicts between Hindu-Muslim groups broke out. The film had an equal mix of romance, emotions and in spite of the fact that Arvind Swamy’s professional front as a journalist was portrayed; it had a very good scope. The shorter duration of interaction with Prakash Raj was yet more appreciable.

Madhavan in Guru

This was an unconventional move by Maniratnam, where audiences would be really confused to see who’s protagonist and antagonist in Guru. While Abhishek Bachchan keeps ruling the show as Guru Bhai, there comes the massive entry of Madhavan, who works under the city’s most powerful editor – Mithun Chakraborthy. The very introduction scene before the intermission itself pulls of the trigger. Such an outstanding characterization for Madhavan, who tells his boss that even they are responsible for the fallible fate of Guru Bhai, when he turns paralyzed.

Jiiva in KO

Having worked as a photo journalist, KV Anand had managed to project a realistic characterization of Jiiva in the film ‘Ko’, which was a partial inspiration from Hollywood movie ‘State of Play’. Not just his characterization, but the entire set up of a media company including the roles of editors, journalists – Karthika and Piya were very well projected. The power of youth and media was in fact nicely delivered through this movie.

Ritika Singh in Aandavan Kattalai

The film was a decent entertainer, but with a serious sensitive crisis that is often happening in our country. But Ritika Singh’s characterization was far away from the actual premise of the story except the connectivity with the name for Vijay Sethupathi’s spouse column. But her introduction sequences, especially the press meet with the politician was nicely projected.

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