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A different attempt by Yuvan Shankar Raja

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Yuvan Shankar Raja often attempts to balance between rural and urban music. For the first time, he comes up with an album set against the backdrops of tribal arena. Kadamban stars Arya, Prakash Raj and Catherine Tresa in lead roles with Raghavan of Manja Pai helming the project. The film is bankrolled by Super Good Films and we bring you an exclusive music analysis of this album.

Uchimalai Azhagu
Singers: Mukesh
Lyric: Yugabharathi

When it comes to offering nativity music, Yuvan Shankar Raja is so much keen on getting naturalistic and esthetical sense to it. Be it a rural music or the urban ones, he has always proved of such proficiency. Now getting on with the tribal lines, he picks the instrumentals that are originally used by those groups and has very well synthesized with the mixing. He keeps limited with the interludes and gives more prominence to the lyrical lines. Mukesh gets a well rendition, but it’s not completely a song that will impress you at the first time.

Otha Paarvaiyil
Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Sri Mathumitha
Lyric: Yugabharathi

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s trademark romantic duet and there is something special about it. The instrumentals that gets a pre-domination before entering into the interludes… Realizing the need and nature of the song, Yuvan keeps the musical accompaniment on the milder notes and gives more scope for the voices. Sri Mathumitha has an open voice with a heavy energy exerted from diaphragms, usually where a female singer might feel difficult about.

Saama Kodangi
Singers: Velmurugan Anitha, Jayamoorthy
Lyric: Yugabharathi

The prelude slightly reminiscences of D Imman’s Soi Soi from ‘Kumki’ and even the composing pattern seem to be falling into the same genre. But the similarities end here with the interludes having a different mode. Vel Murugan, Anitha and Jayamoorthy give their best. But we need to wait and watch on how the visuals and choreography are done.

Aagaatha Kaalam
Singers: Ananthu
Lyric: Yugabharathi

A song of pathos that completely imbibes to the lamentations of losing the loveable nature, where the so-believed lives of eternity suddenly turns out to be an illusion barked out with culmination. The lyrical lines by Yugabharathi have been very well written and Ananthu absorbs himself into the much very core of the song.

Ilaratham Sodera
Singers: MLR Karthikeyan
Additional Singers: Senthil Dass, Sam Harish
Lyric: Yugabharathi

It sounds like a song that would be set against the backdrops of critical juncture of the movie. A fight back moment to save the life and the lines are motivating in few aspects. Maybe, it could get beyond the film and touch the realities of youth power as well. Karthikeyan is the right choice and chorus has a different appeal too.

On the whole, it’s a different experience from Yuvan Shankar Raja, where he completely steps out of his comfort zone. His attempts work out in couple of songs and rest of them would have a probability of scoring brownie points with the visuals and placement of songs.

Verdict : A different attempt by Yuvan Shankar Raja

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