Dora Special – 5 films that possessed supernatural gadgets and natural mediums

5 films that possessed supernatural gadgets and natural mediums

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When we say the word ‘Horror’, it has become so much evident that Tamil cinema has been hackneyed over the genre, where every Friday is loaded with at least couple of such supernatural thrillers, which have been boredom indeed. But there have been few films that have proved an outstanding paradigm and have been standout for all seasons. These are exceptional movies that carried the concept of supernatural thriller in a much different attempt, where the persons were not possessed by ghosts to seek revenge or unravel a mystery, but electronic gadgets and some natural mediums. With Nayantara’s Dora hitting screens tomorrow (March 31) reportedly based on this theme of a ‘CAR’ playing an important role, we bring you the list of 5 supernatural thrillers that had such instances.

Yaavarum Nalam

This was the biggest of all horror-thriller and could be regarded as the mother of all horror stories indeed. The film starring Madhavan and Neetu Chandra in lead roles, directed by Vikram Kumar featured ‘Television Box’ as a source of supernatural medium, where the ghosts seek revenge. This was a trendsetting movie as there wasn’t a single scene, where we saw ghostly apparitions, but it was a complete domination of TV box. In fact, there had been certain reflections for audiences like us on viewing the TV box with some paranormal impact for few days.


This had taken up one among the 5 elements of Nature – WATER. The innocuous female protagonist wants to seek revenge upon the ones who betrayed her and the most trustworthy person backstabbing her to death. More than claiming this to be a horror film, it was something to do with metaphysical elements. Of course, there is a crucial point in the film, where the deceased girl communicates through the medium of her younger sister. But the overall film has the domain of ‘WATER’ and ‘RED COLOUR’.

Hello Naan Pei Pesuren

This is a horror-comedy, not something that you would declare on the lines of ‘One Missed Call’ that scared the whole world of film industry with an impeccable Goosebumps and adrenaline rush throughout the show. This was a full length horror-comedy that starred Vaibhav, Oviya and Aishwarya Rajesh in lead roles with Karunakaran playing an important role. Over here, the ghost communicates through the medium of cell phone…


Director Ashwin Saravanan really deserves a special mention. Well, yet again, there have been predecessors of this themed genre, which could be faintly linked with 2008 Thai Horror movie – Coming Soon, but except the factor that ghosts communicate through the medium – FILM, the storyline and plot was completely different. Nayantara and Aari played lead roles in this film, which was highly appreciated for the crème de la crème technical and narrative aspects.

Pizza 2 The Villa

This can be regarded as one of the best in this league of supernatural thriller, where it never get itself confined to the walls of horror movie, but a blunt and distinct supernatural thriller. It didn’t speak off any revenge seeking ghost, but came up with a different concept of why the particular house is haunted and how the evil vibrations pass through different mediums of painting, novel and finally an opening end with SJ Suryah arriving to make a film.

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