Dora Movie Review

Nayantara’s performance and gripping second half keeps us intact.

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Direction : Doss Ramasamy
Production : Sarkunam Cinemas
Starring : Nayanthara, Thambi Ramaiah, Harish Uthaman
Music : Vivek Siva Mervin Solomon
Cinematography : Dinesh Krishnan
Editing : Gopi Krishna

Following ‘Nee Enge En Anbe’ and ‘Maya’, Nayantara plays the lead protagonist in the film ‘Dora’, which is a fantasy-horror, directed by Doss Ramasamy and produced by Sarkunam Cinemas. The film also features Thambi Ramaiah, Harish Uthaman and Sulile Kumar in important roles.


When Nayantara and her father Thambi Ramaiah, decide to buy a second hand car, she finds so much fascinated towards an antique classic model. Sooner, she along with the ones driving the car starts experiencing phenomenal encounters.


During this season of Fridays filled with relentless horror movie releases, it really becomes a speculative task to choose the best one. It has eventually become a time worn genre that many audiences are literally turned up with boredom. But filmmaker Doss Ramasamy tries to pick a theme that has more emotional factors. Of course, horror films with a strong emotional connect would definitely make a strong impact and that’s where DORA gets the box ticked. Of course, the title significance of ‘DORA’ is a great plus, which by revealing would be a spoiler. But unfortunately with the film certified ‘A’, it might be difficult to get kids into the theatres. Maybe, the sequences in the second half could leave an emotional breakdown among kids. But then, there is no need for debating on this as the certification has it all written. Getting on with the analysis, the first half goes with two different segments – A police investigation on parallel with Nayantara and car. So there are rare moments that gets us adhered, but by the second half, there are really stunning moments. Thanks to director for not coming up with unwanted songs, though humour by Thambi Ramaiah irks in few places. Cinematography and editing are appreciable. But the climax portion is slightly dragging, which could have been easily wrapped up. The CG works have been very well done and the experts deserve special mention.


Kudos to Nayantara for choosing a film that offers to perform well with simple efforts too. Maybe, by first hour, she has nothing bigger to score, but the theatres are spangled up with whistles and theatres to see her massive moments. Watch out for her episode with Harish Uthaman in police station and the gimmicks she plays the car in the immediate next sequence. Sulile Kumar earns everyone’s wrath as a baddie and that is a deliberate way to success, isn’t? When audiences yell at the baddie, we can pretty much understand the involvement of audiences and it is found here in more places, especially during the climax. Harish Uthaman does his job perfectly, but his role turns out to be incomplete by the end, which could have been giving a neat wholesome. Thambi Ramaiah slightly annoys with his ludicrous performance.

What works?

1. Nayantara
2. Cinematography
3. Background score

What doesn’t work?

1. Thambi Ramaiah characterization
2. Few slow moments in the first hour

While there are lots of horror movies happening with frequent releases, Nayantara’s Dora steps aside with some new supernatural elements. With gripping second half, it gains our interest till the end though first half is slightly slow.

Verdict : Nayantara’s performance and gripping second half keeps us intact.

Rating : 4.5/10

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