5 highly stylish professional roles in Maniratnam movies

5 highly stylish professional roles in Maniratnam movies

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He offers a blunt realism not merely upon his scripts, but evokes a curiosity among every character that appears in his movies. In fact, it’s all about the protagonists and most of the times, even his female protagonists, who come up with a highly fashionable professions onscreen. Not to miss Shalini aka Shakthi who appears as a doctor and the highly elegant Tara, an interior designer in O Kadhal Kanmani. Here’s Kaatru Veliyidai that brings yet more highly accomplishing and enriching characters of Karthi as Officer Varun and Leela as a doctor.

We bring you some of the finest cherry picks of such highly desirable roles in Maniratnam movies.

1. Arvind Swamy – R.A.W Cryptologist (Roja)

No one had ever thought about such an unique characterization. Maybe, a victim for terrorists could have been someone like an army or a doctor, but this one is really astounding and something new to see Arvind Swamy play the role of a Cryptologist for RAW.

2. Madhavan – Software engineer (Alaipayuthey)

A Software Engineer by that late 90s and Y2K was approaching, it was much more than a dream job for anyone in the towns. A handsome Maddy as a software engineer was the dream boy of many girls in city and village and of course every guy aspired to be one of the professionals.

3. Abhishek Bachchan – Industrialist (Guru)

Ah! Who can refrain themselves without indulging in this biopic? In fact, everyone owns a copy of DVD at home that they keep watching now and then as it turns to be an elixir of senses and spirits. Such an intriguingly inspiring role that it made a highly impactful experience for every audience.

4. Dulquer Salman – Video Gaming artist (O Kadhal Kanmani)

A smart and flirty life! That’s how a Video Gamer in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai is delineated. Dulquer befittingly made a perfect stroke with this role. In fact, the role reflects the kind of originality that sticks to such professionals in real life too.

5. Madhavan – A revolutionary writer (Kannathil Muthamaittal)

While the other roles might have been considered as the trendy ones for urban ones, this one was something really naturalistic with the approach. Madhavan playing a writer with some toughness and there are times, where he has the peck of humour too. One such instance is writing hilarious about his elder sister in his weekly tales for a magazine.

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