8 Thottakkal Movie Review

A well written story with gripping narration

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Direction : Sri Ganesh
Production : Vetrivel Saravana Cinemas
Starring : Vetri, Aparna, Balamurali, Nassar, M. S. Bhaskar
Music : KS Sundaramurthy
Cinematography : Dinesh K. Babu
Editing : Nagooran

Filmmaker Sri Ganesh, a former associate of Mysskin makes his debut directorial with this film starring Vetri and Aparna Balamurali in lead roles with Nasser, MS Bhaskar and Mime Gopi appearing in important roles.


Serving a long time sentence in juvenile prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he becomes a police officer. On the first few days after joining the duty, the gun with 8 bullets provided to him by department goes missing. During this interim, a bank robbery happens with 1Crore money looted by mysterious strangers and a little girl becomes a victim to death following by few more victims ruined by the bullets. Having been suspended by the police department, Vetri is bounded to a serious situation in finding the missing gun. During this interim, a senior police officer who comes to the investigation of bank robbery case also comes in aid of Vetri. Their joint mission over unraveling the mystery is formed as gripping episodes till the end.


Following the footprints of sensational hit movie ‘Dhuruvangal 16’, here comes yet another gripping storyline with a splendid narration that doesn’t divert the attention of audiences anywhere. The first scene of the film itself keeps the audiences so much intact over the place and Sri Ganesh deserves special appreciations for his earnest writing. Although, few episodes involving Vetri and journalist Aparna seemingly look like a speed breaker with sluggishness, the latter episodes till the film’s climax has been narrated with engrossing elements with unexpected twists and turns towards the end… The sequences starting from the theft of gun from Vetri and the turmoil it causes shifting between different hands and simultaneously unveiling the mystery behind bank robbery murderers has been neatly told in good dimension without losing the intensity and logic anywhere. The director encompasses a decorous style of avoiding unwanted songs, comedy and keeps the story tight and gripping, which becomes a major highlight. Musical score by Sundara Moorthy ad cinematography by Dinesh K Babu enlivens the story from beginning till end. If Naguraan had focused on getting crisp editing, the film’s screenplay would have been yet more enthralling.


Debutant Vetri has done a reasonable job to his characterization, but he lacks the perfection of playing a cop role with lack of interest and sharpness in his gesture. Although Aparna Balamurali gets a miniscule role, she makes use of the opportunity giving best on her characterization. MS Bhaskar appears almost like a parallel protagonist, where his different dimensions of conflicts in professional and personal aspects with a nuance style of acting. Nasser has a honest police officer and Mime Gopi as a corrupt cop have done their respective roles with neatness. Others in the cast Circus Vinoth, Theni Murugan, R.S. Sivaji, Manikandan, Lallu, Meera Mithun and others have done a remarkable job with their acting.

What works?

1. Different and unique story premise
2. Engaging second half
3. Climax

What doesn’t work?

1. Protagonist
2. Romantic sequences
3. Logical issues

It’s a delight to see that filmmaker Sri Ganesh has picked up a theme that isn’t something common. Laced with twists and turns with a gripping narration, Sri Ganesh saves the reputation of being a protégé from the school of Mysskin.

Verdict : A well written story with gripping narration

Rating : 5/10

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