Baahubali - The Conclusion Music Review

Musically appreciable with grander elements, but doesn’t suit Tamil panache.

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The most celebrated ‘Baahubali’ franchise brings it up all here with the conclusion part and with the movie hitting screens on April 28, here is an exclusive analysis of the album composed by MM Keeravani aka Maragadhamani.

Bale Bale Bale
Vocals: Daler Mehendi, Maragadhamani, Mounima
Lyricist: Karky

This song brings forth a blend of orchestral hits imbibed with mellifluous orchids. That’s the beauty, where Daler Mehendi proves to be a synonym of orchestral celebration and Mounima resembles the mellisonant theme. Maragadhamani on his part adds up the best quotients, but what steals the show is the musical accompaniment that comes in grandeur with percussions and trumpets. A song written in praises and acclaims of Baahubali and it would definitely have its realms with visuals.

Orey Oar Ooril
Vocals: Mohana, Deepu
Lyrics: Karky

It is obvious that the song is based on the characterization of Anushka Shetty, who will be appearing more in this sequel. Karky has tried adding up some beautiful phrases to delineate the beautiful characterization of this belle and the musical strokes too are addictive in few parts. Mohana and Deepu give in for a best rendition, but somewhere we fail to get connected with the song as it brings forth a feel out of our nativity.

Vandhaai Ayya
Vocals: Kaala Bhairava
Lyricist: Karky

Mark our words! This song is sure to turn into a mammoth of experience over the screens with the stunning visuals and choreography. We have of course listened to the morsels of this song in the film’s trailer. Maragadhamani has just created an immense magic in this song with uncompromising hard work, intensity and depth over the musical quotients. Guess what? Kaala Bhairava makes it more and more scintillatingly awe-inspiring with his rendition.

Kannaa Nee Thoongada
Vocals: Nayane Nair
Lyrics: Karky

Stepping out of the usual paradigms of this album, ‘Kannaa Nee Thoongada’ turns to be a pretty engrossing number. Embellished with guitar strokes, the folk like genre has some splendiferous lyrics by Karky and the entire team involved in this song can thank Nayane Nair for a commendable rendition.

Oru Yaagam
Vocals: Kaala Bhairava
Lyricist: Karky

The album ends with the song ‘Yaagam’, which seems to be an aggrandizing number pampered up for the realms of Baahubali and Karky has tried amalgamating some perfect mix of words that goes very well setting us with a native feel. It sounds like the song would be placed during the critical juncture of the movie, maybe during the penultimate sequence.

Overall, the album has fantabulous quotients of instrumentals and orchestra with singers giving their best rendition. But then, it’s not something that comes relevant with our regional adherence and tastes.

Verdict : Musically appreciable with grander elements, but doesn’t suit Tamil panache.

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