Shivalinga Special - When Animals and Birds became showstoppers alongside heroes

When Animals and Birds became showstoppers alongside heroes

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Raghava Lawrence’s Shivalinga has been the latest talk of town for the very reasons that he could carry off well with a genre like ‘Supernatural Thriller’. Moreover, the film comes from the director of greatest blockbuster – Chandramukhi. With so many elements amalgamating together, there is yet another highlighting aspect too, where a DOVE plays an important role in this film. At this context, Top 10 Cinema brings you an exclusive look on some famous movies that feature animals in important roles.

An illusionary Snake – Chandramukhi

If you were something very much familiar with the complete franchise of Chandramukhi in other languages like Kannada and Telugu, you could be very much illustrious with the illusionary gigantic snake. In fact, it doesn’t come in reality throughout the movie, but plays a vital role in story and is often referred and seen in important sequences.

Rottweiler – Sarvam

Of course, this is one among the rarest films to give such an important role to a newfangled breed that was not famous during those times. Director Vishnuvardhan sketched an impactful characterization for this DOG, where it stands supportive to the film’s antagonist played by JD Chakravarthy.

Belgium Shepherd – Naaigal Jaakirathai

The film picked up a high level of attention from the universal audiences for bringing a dog like Belgium Shepherd on a parallel protagonist like characterization on pars with Sibiraj. In fact, this was the time, when the fascination for pet dogs was getting enlarged and it managed to get decent crowds to the theatres.

Fish - Kattappava Kaanom

This was a recent release that attempted something different of having a Vastu Fish. Although the film didn’t witness a very much commendable result in box office, it is worthy of appreciating the attempt of bringing a new dimensional concept of having fish in an important role.

Labrador Dog – Dora

One of the recent releases in Tamil cinema featuring a Labrador dog in a different and unexpected avatar through paranormal style. Although the film had a strong attraction factor like Nayantara, it was that character named DORA that made us emotionally connected to the film.

To tot up with, Tamil cinema has always given prominent role to animals and wild creatures with much fervent respect and love, which dates back to the times of MGR, Sivaji Ganesan to the golden period of Veteran Late director Rama Narayanan.

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