Pa Pandi Special – When Tamil heroes became first time directors

When Tamil heroes became first time directors

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An actor is someone who isn’t just wearing the grease paint, but there happens to be a much more emotional and intellectual panoramas that make them more enhanced. In fact, they get so much acquainted with the films that they can easily judge whether a particular script would get them under spotlights or wither away their feathers to failure. Especially, when it comes to Tamil cinema, we have always found our very own actors are so much encompassed with the esthetical sense of writing the translating words into celluloid. With National award winning actor Dhanush making her debut directorial with the film Pa. Pandi, we bring you a list of fantabulous actors and their successful maiden directorial films.

Kamal Haasan – Chachi 420/ Hey Ram

Following the grand success of Avvai Shanmughi, directed by KS Ravikumar, Kamal Haasan made his debut directorial in Hindi through this film ‘Chachi 420’, which was its remake version. Apparently, he shot to global fame through the blatantly controversial yet a critically acclaimed ‘Hey Ram’.

Sathyaraj – Villathi Villain

Actor Sathyaraj had been experimenting in different roles and he came up with a decorous surprise making his debut directorial through the film ‘Villathi Villain’, which was a tremendous hit in box office. In fact, it is still regarded as one of the best films from Sathyaraj, where he played three different roles as a cunning lawyer, a paid killer and a happy go lucky man.

Action King Arjun – Jai Hind

This is a remarkably astounding film that kept us edge-seated throughout the show. The film was set against the backdrops of patriotism laced with unexpected twists and turns throughout the drama, where we were offered Goosebumps and surprises till the end. The film also boasted of an equal mix of entertainment factors as well.

Prakash Raj – Dhoni

Far-famed for a pretty much focus upon bringing films with good quality and close to heart, Prakash Raj produced the film ‘Abhiyum Naanum’, which was directed by Radha Mohan. The National award winning actor embarked on his directorial venture through its Kannada remake titled ‘Naanu Nanna Kanasu’. He made his straight debut directorial in Tamil with the film ‘Dhoni’, which was a bilingual project made in Telugu as well.

STR – Vallavan

He has been breathing cinema right from his childhood and has gained immense knowledge over cinema over the years. The actor had involved in the story of screenplay of ‘Manmadhan’ and later made his debut directorial with the film ‘Vallavan’, which was a coming of age love story narrated with three different kinds of women that the protagonist traverses through.

Prabhu Deva – Pokkiri

Choreographer and actor by fame! Prabhu Deva had already garnered huge response for his diversified talents. He proved his proficiency in directorial skills through Telugu film industry, but his first movie in Tamil, a remake of already proven blockbuster ‘Pokkiri’ starring Vijay and Asin in lead roles turned to be a stunning blockbuster.

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