Pa Pandi Movie Review

A well written family drama that binds us emotionally with good values of relationship.

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Direction : Dhanush
Production : Wunderbar Films
Starring : Dhanush, Madonna Sebastian, Rajkiran, Prasanna
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography : Velraj
Editing : Prasanna GK

National award winning filmmaker Dhanush makes his debut directorial with the film Pa Pandi that stars Raj Kiran, Prasanna, Revathy and Chaya Singh in lead roles with Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian playing important roles. The film features musical score by Sean Roldan and cinematography by Velraj.


Raj Kiran who had ruled the Tamil industry as a famous stunt master is now residing with his son (Prasanna), daughter-in-law (Chaya Singh) and grandchildren (Raghavan and Savi Sharma). Although his grandchildren are his only source of happiness, he often faces resentments from his son and daughter-in-law. During such juncture, he departs from the house with directionless motive and during the journey; Raj Kiran decides to meet his first love (Revathy) in Hyderabad. Will Raj Kiran break the hurdle and meet his first love? Did his son Prasanna find him back or not? The film traverses through such situations offering meaningful and significant drama based on relationships and emotions.


The beautiful theme – ‘Memories of first love’ doesn’t fade away from our hearts irrespective of years and any hurdles has been very well depicted by Dhanush through this directorial debut. Engrossing and perfect screenplay, neat casting of actors and their distinct characterizations stand out to be the highlighting traits of this movie. The enhanced characterization of Power Pandi through 33 yr old Dhanush and 65 yr old Raj Kiran has been very exquisitely delivered with emotions. The reflections through this characterization resemble the mindsets of the current generations and deep insights wit advice to them. On the flip side, the flashback sequences involving Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian are slightly sluggish, but since it comes intact with the story premise, it doesn’t affect much upon the narrative flow. If the scenes involving Raj Kiran meeting his first love Revathy after a long time nourishes and delights all, the fight sequence in the mall looks unwanted.

Couple of songs and background score by Sean Roldan grabs everyone’s attention. Cinematography by Vel Raj and editing by GK Prasanna and Jayachandran’s art works are additional embellishments.


Raj Kiran has done absolute justice to the role of Power Pandi and no other actor would have done justice to this role than him. Be the situations, when he faces disappointments from his son, happiness through grandchildren or the moments of enlivening the spirits after meeting first love, Raj Kiran just sweeps us off the feet. Although Dhanush appears in a miniscule role as younger age Power Pandi, he does a neat job. Madonna Sebastian is an apt selection for the young role of Revathy. Revathy stands out offering substantial performance on pars with Raj Kiran. Both Prasanna and Chaya Singh have expressed and reflected the exact mannerisms of contemporary youngsters. Rizwan playing the teenage neighbour to Raj Kiran keeps up his good show. Others in the cast including Aadukalam Narain, Vidyullekha Raman, Sendrayan, Dheena and the kids – Raghavan and Savi Sharma have done a neat job in their respective roles.

What works?

Engrossing screenplay
Raj Kiran, Prasanna and Revathi

What doesn’t work?

The flashback scenes involving Dhanush and Madonna Sebastian
Few intentionally inserted action sequences

Dhanush unleashes his wonderful esthetic sense of directorial skills with the film reflecting the emotions and persona with everyone who could relate with the onscreen characters.

Verdict : A well written family drama that binds us emotionally with good values of relationship.

Rating : 5.5/10

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