Kadamban Movie Review

Kadamban comes up with  less impact

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Direction : Ragava
Production : Super Good Films
Starring : Arya, Catherine Tresa
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : S. R. Sathish Kumar
Editing : Deva

Following a decent debut directorial with the film ‘Manja Pai’, Raghava bounces back with ‘Kadamban’ starring Arya and Catherine Tresa in lead roles. Let us have a look on how the film works out or does it cater to the tastes of audiences.


Set against the backdrops of Western Ghats forests, it facilitates the lives of 150 families residing there. Kadamban (Arya) happens to be their only protector and has been keeping the forest in safe and secured ambience. Meanwhile, one of the leading corporate companies owned by Deepak Rana finds out that the forest possesses rich valuable sources for cement manufacturing. With the worst behaviour of this fraudulent man, lots of forest dwellers’ lives are put at stake. With the Government itself coming in aid of this corporate company, how Kadamban manages to save them and the forest forms basic premise of the film.


In Manja Pai, there was a depth of relationship between grandson and grandfather. Over here, he embarks on an attempt to show the prominence of saving the forest life and how it would have its impact upon the country’s progression too. Since, there have been many movies based on this same theme, it is pretty much easy for the audiences to predict what’s gonna happen next. The sluggish first hour relentlessly tests the patience of audiences and with the post-intermission sequences, the confrontations happening between Deep Raj Rana & Co and Kadamban along with his group creates some intensity, especially with the breathtaking action sequences. But director fails to keep up the logical quotients in many places. Visual magic by R.S Satish Kumar is a strong brilliant flash point of this film as we get to see wonderful locations of the forest. Background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja is yet another embellishing element out here. Not to miss the breathtaking action sequences by Dhilip Subbarayan, which are the major highlighting trait and if these elements were blended with a strong substantial narration, the film would have been much more engaging.


Arya’s hard work and dedication towards the role of Kadamban is worthy of appreciations. Be it the opening sequence of Arya or the final one, where he combats the baddies amidst the fierce elephants during climax leaves us speechless. Although Catherine Tresa doesn’t fit completely into the role of a tribal girl, her performance is flawless and she has given her best. Deep Raj Rana playing the negative role throws up a spectacular performance. Others in the cast including Murugadoss, Super Subbarayan, Raja Simman, YG Mahendran and Ethiraj have done their best over the performances.

What works?

1. Action sequences involving Arya
2. Cinematography and Background Score

What doesn’t work?

1. Screenplay
2. Logical quotients

Albeit the fact that the movie focalizes on the country’s development and humanity, the basic premise remains timeworn… Had the story and screenplay was as herculean as Arya’s physique, the film would have definitely impressed and enthralled the audiences vividly.

Verdict : Kadamban comes up with less impact

Rating : 4.5/10

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