Chiyaan Vikram Birthday Special - 15 special facts you must know about him

15 special facts you must know about him

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Insatiable passion for acting and inevitable dedication and more than all, a vivid patience that would never be a cup of coffee for anyone!!! Chiyaan Vikram has been the inmost illustration of such paradigms, where he proved his proficiency through hard work, will power and dedication. Today, the actor turns 50 and still none among the attributes decline and it’s getting bigger and more. We at Top 10 Cinema bring you an exclusive 15 special facts about Chiyaan Vikram on the occasion of his birthday.

1. The favourite song of Vikram is ‘Pon Ondru Kanden, Pen Angu Illai’. He makes sure of listening to this song crooned by veteran singers PB Srinivasan and TMS at least once a day.

2. Whenever he visits outside Chennai for shooting, the entire ambience turns to be a much celebratory environment. He makes sure of spending at least 2 hours every day interacting with the peoples of that place. He has been constantly practicing this even to his current shooting of Dhruva Natchathiram and Sketch.

3. Much before getting into movies, he was very much interested in English stage plays as he pursued his schooling at Monford Boarding School in Ooty.

4. Chiyaan Vikram is very much interested in photography. He always makes sure clicking photos on his relatives and close friends followed by perfect printing and framing. Very soon, he is planning to host an exhibition of his photography collections.

5. Vikram’s favourite colour is Black. He makes sure of having his favourite things in black that includes his car. In fact, his attires for most important events and award ceremonies would be in black.

6. He owns a farm house, where he shows keen interest on growing wild cat, ducks, turkey and crabs with more interest. Whenever, he finds leisure times, he never misses to elope there with his family members.

7. He owns couple of mobile phones from beginning till now. He even knows the number of close friends even without saving them.

8. Vikram has no interest for jewels and we can see him with his simplistic appearance too. He wears a very thin gold chain. A stone studded ring gifted by his close friend is seen wore on his fingers.

9. His all time favourite food items are Porridge, dry fish gravy, trotters and seer fish. His daily food must contain any one of these items.

10. If you spot Vikram anywhere, just call him ‘Kenny’ and he will wave back his hands on you with cheerful gesture. Chances are less when you call him ‘Vikram’ as Kenny happens to his favourite name.

11. Vikram is the most talented musician and he keeps playing almost all the instruments.

12. Vikram often visits DVD showrooms, fruit-vegetable shops without any bouncers or security. He never carries that egoistic attitude and even spends more time with his fans over there.

13. If you’re visiting Chiyaan Vikram house, don’t get surprised to see that the wall paintings are done by him. Whenever he is spellbound over a scenic nature beauty, he sits down there for hours and paints them.

14. When he wins any awards (Even National Awards), he never prefers hosting parties, instead spends time with family.

15. Vikram’s favourite hero is Robert De Niro and heroine is Julia Roberts. He mimics and acts the same way like almost all the actors.

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