Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae Trailer Review

Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae Trailer Review

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Fridays without Horrors have literally become a huge miracle in Tamil film industry. Every weekend, there happens to be at least couple of horror movie releases out there. But director Atlee has strongly banked his hope on director Ike, who makes his debut directorial with this movie ‘Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae’. Everything involving the promotions, right from the first look has been set up with more efforts apparently including the standing posters at many theatres and multiplexes.

With the film’s theatrical trailer released, we bring you a sneak peek on what keeps it special and exceptional. During the promotional event of this movie, director Atlee addressed the media channels saying that initially director Ike narrated just a scene about the hero and his girlfriend on the bed, which he see in the trailer here with Sri Divya simultaneously appearing on the cot and beneath it. But then, it happens to be a sequence that we have already seen in many movies that is loosely copycatted from Twitter page of horror incidences. We have seen it in Aranmanai 2 followed by few more movies.

Well, SBKT in precise words will be a full length horror comedy that has a huge star-cast. We can clearly make out from the sequences that bring up more actors. We do find that there is a sense of emotional connects that involves mother and son. Of course, there is plethora of comedy sequences, where we get to see that Soori and Thambi Ramaiah along with Naan Kadavul Rajendran have more to score up here.

The technical quotients too are promising with visuals having the right dose to evoke spooky effects and not to miss the background score by Vishal Chandrashekar.

One thing can be assured that we aren’t sure how about the critics’ perception of SBKT would be, but then the family audiences have more possibilities to enjoy this movie.

Naturally, Horror-Comedy with ensemble star-cast for summer vacations had always got good results.

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