Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae Music Review

Sounds like a perfect match for the genre of horror-comedy

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Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae features the musical score by Vishal Chandrashekar, who has been offering some best albums during the recent times that includes ‘Kuttram 23’. The film is a horror-comedy, directed by Ike and is produced by Atlee in collaboration Fox Star Studios with Jiiva, Sri Divya, Soori, Radhika Sarathkumar, Radharavi, Thambi Ramaiah and many others in the cast.

Ek Gau Mein
Singers - STR & M.M. Manasi
Lyrics - Pa. Vijay

The album starts off with a lively number that has peppy moments for the famous phrase ‘Ek Gau Mein’, which happens to be a hilarious one from yesteryear classic hit movie. Especially STR crooning the number, it brings up yet more emblazonment. In between the song, there happens to be an insertion of old time classic song ‘Kaasedhaan Kadavulada’ too. It’s a quirky number that adds up enlivenment and it would probably have more score with visuals.

Hai, En Kai Mela
Singers - Anirudh Ravichander & Shakthisree Gopalan
Lyrics – Vivek

It all happens to be a routine rendition by Anirudh with the rhyming words to end the phrase. In fact, it has been a very much familiar one for Anirudh in both his composing and for the other music directors too. Shakthisree Gopalan is always best with the melodious numbers and she slightly happens to be a mismatch for these numbers. A passable number that has moderately appreciable work by Vishal.

Song - Govinda Govinda
Singers - G.V. Prakash Kumar
Additional Vocals- Jithin Raj
Lyrics - Na. Muthukumar

Sounds like a song that would be placed during the time of hard times for the protagonist and how he vows to bounce back and win them. Preferably, a song that would be set against the backdrops of wine shop and the lyrics come from late lyricist Na Muthukumar that has some pick worthy lines.

Song - Kattaduraikku
Singers - Gangai Amaran
Additional Vocals- Senthildass
Lyrics - Arunraja Kamaraj

The song blends the yesteryear Ilayaraja pattern of music with the modern westernized Jazz genre. Gangai Amaran is the right choice for the song and he does it very well. The saxophone that comes during the interlude is the cherry picks and simplistic lines by Arunraja Kamaraj are appreciable, which would have the montage of hilarious visuals.

Song - Title Track
Singers - Premgi Amaren & Arunraja Kamaraj
Additional Vocals- Aarnav,Theerthasenan,Roshni, Gowri, Shreetha
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

As the name ‘Title Track’ suggests, it sounds like the song would be the signature track appearing throughout the film during the crucial junctures, especially during the title credits. The combination of Premgi Amaran and Arunraja Kamaraj are really power-pumping and it would definitely have high energy levels pumped up during the movie. The distorted guitars and sound effects by Vishal Chandrashekar are commendably exotic.

Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae album might not have the songs that you will store in your playlists forever, but when you happen to come across the songs either in FM or any channels, it is something that you wouldn’t skip out and will enjoy for the moment.

Verdict : Sounds like a perfect match for the genre of horror-comedy.

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