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Sounds more like situational numbers proving to be an intriguing part of screenplay

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From the producers of top-notch quality films, here comes the album of ‘Magalir Mattum’. The film is produced by Suriya under the banner 2D Entertainment and is directed by National award winning filmmaker Bramma G of Kuttram Kadithal fame. The film features Jyotika in lead role alongside Saranya Ponvannan, Oorvasi and Bhanupriya. Ghibran has composed music for this film, which has lyrical lines by Uma Devi, Vivek, Thamarai and Bramma G.

Adi Vaadi Thimira
Vocal: Gold Devaraj
Lyricist: Uma Devi

The album takes off with much pulsating number that is energizing completely. In fact, the song ‘Adi Vaadi Thimira’ has been so much appreciated right from the time of its single track release. Usually, the songs with distorted guitars have an issue, where it could diminish the prominence of vocalisms, but here it is very well balanced that it doesn’t miss out the synch. Best credits for the proper sound mixing and Ghibran offer a wholesome output here.

Ghandhari Yaaro
Vocals: Padmalatha, Anurag Kulkarni
Lyrics: Thamarai

A fast paced folk kind of number that gets a blend with classical touch by its second half. The Qawali ragas during the first interlude followed by the verses that shifts from major to minor scales. The vocalisms of Padmalatha and Anurag Kulkarni are slightly high pitched that might sound noisy by the initial times, but it gradually gets settled with our senses.

Gubu Gubu Gubu
Vocals: Karthi, Ghibran
Lyrics: Vivek

A cool sangfroid number and it’s perfect one from Karthi, who makes it more appealing. Ghibran has clearly understood the essence of Karthi’s vocalism and has utilized him for this fast-paced 2/4 March tempo song. One of the highlighting traits about the song is that although the number is fast paced, Ghibran keeps the strings on accompaniment with proper chords from beginning till end.

Bullet Song (Dam Mast Qalandar)
Vocals: Yazin Nizar, Chennai Qawali Kids, Ghibran

A unique and different number in the album when compared to other tracks, which has the North Indian appeal, where we get to hear a decorous rendition by Chennai Qawali kids. It’s a montage song likely as we can grasp from the kind of composing. Well, it would be getting a much more emblazoned with the visuals.

Carratu Pottazhagaa
Vocals: Namitha, Oorvasi, Ghibran, Gold Devaraj
Lyrics: Bramma

The song traverses through Oorvasi’s flashback in the movie, where she sings about the broken first love. Oorvasi has crooned the number along with Namitha and the backing vocal by Gold Devaraj is good.

Time Passukkosaram
Vocals: Saranya Ponvannan, Padmalatha
Lyrics: Bramma

This is a short number that is written by Bramma G and it looks like the flashback song of Saranya Ponvannan, who has crooned it. It’s a short love story of a girl’s affair with her typewriter master. Well, it might have its perfection when viewed with the film’s screenplay.

Karu Karunnu
Vocals: Bhanupriya, Namitha Babu, Gold Devaraj
Lyrics : Bramma

A small number that has a running length of just one minute of 48 seconds that has a short ballad like impact. Yes, the song ends with the emotional note of a short love story and we need to wait and watch how it is placed in the movie. The rendition by Bhanupriya, Namitha Babu and Gold Devaraj are precisely on its best. Filmmaker Bramma has written the lyrics and the highlighting part is the phrase – I didn’t know his name, but when I got to know it, his breath was lasted.

Magalir Mattum

Ghibran always expresses his wizardry when it comes to offering signature music irrespective of what genre it is. He simply enlivens the musical spell out here with flute and piano bringing up the beautiful embellishments. As the peck of Nadhaswaram happens, it furthermore beautifies the track apparently.

On the whole, the songs of ‘Magalir Mattum’ prove that Ghibran has extended his best to provide something out of his routine pattern. It’s a blissful package of song that brings forth energetic enthusiasm. If songs are a part of screenplay, then listening to the tracks of Magalir Mattum gives a clear assumption of what this film is all about.

Verdict : Sounds more like situational numbers proving to be an intriguing part of screenplay.

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