Vivegam Teaser Review

Vivegam Teaser Review

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The most anticipated moment of the year and the fans have been enticingly equipped over the mammoth six pack physique of Ajith Kumar that was unveiled through the first look. With lots of postponements and preponed phases, the first look teaser of ‘Vivegam’ opened up last night. Well, there are lots of things that rise up our assumptions and questions, but the counterparts do remain strongly appropriate, which is a healthy situation for any product and in our terms a ‘Movie’.

Just as the title signifies, Vivegam, which happens to be ‘Prudence’ in English has got lots to do with ‘Brainy’ stuffs, but what can you expect in a 57-sec teaser. Obviously, the makers and entire team of Siva would have kept it on a firm note to bring the first look teaser as a treat for Ajith Kumar fans. Moreover, the dialogues of Ajith Kumar brings up an inspirational mode for fans and not to miss his usual screen presence. Of course, we have been hackneyed with the gentleman’s usual walk modes, gun shots, herculean tasks and bike rides. But there are few moments that really offers the best adrenaline rush for Ajith Kumar fans and that’s the point where the guns are laser pointed at him and he screams out ‘NEVER GIVE UP’. Such moments are sure to leave the entire cinema halls without hesitation into high pitched tantrums.

Getting on with the technical quotients, it’s a top-notch stylish movie and one wouldn’t have predicted such an output from Siva, whose previous movies had nothing much to do with such a high quality quotient, maybe because of the scripts and backdrops they possessed. But what turns out to be a slightest disappointment is the musical score by Anirudh. Usually, the first look teasers featuring his signature themes would be contributing at least 50% to the escalation, which was so much evident with Kaththi and Vedalam, but here comparatively it’s lower on grade when compared to his erstwhile movies.

Cinematography is just beyond brilliance and Ruben works out best cuts for the teaser.

Final word – Vivegam seems to be a film with strong content as we can find out from the teaser ambience, but with Ajith Kumar’s voice over, there seems to be a perplexed decision to make between whether it’s a class or mass movie.

But end of the show, it’s an absolute treat for Ajith Kumar fans.

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