Yeidhavan Movie Review

Spectacularly appealing plot eclipsed by vague presentation

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Direction : Sakthi Rajasekaran
Production : Friends Festival Films
Starring : Kalaiyarasan, Satna Titus
Music : Paartav Barggo
Cinematography : C. Prem Kumar
Editing : I. J. Alen

Kalaiyarasan-Satna Titus starrer Yeidhavan happens to throw some lights on harsh truth behind the conspiracies and conniving incidents involved in the educational institutions, especially certain private medical colleges.


Kalaiyarasan leads a contented life selling the cash counting machine and has a picture perfect life with his parents and younger sister. His younger aspires to pursue medical science, but fails to get it in spite of a decent percentage in Plus 2 examinations. He somehow decides to get her dreams accomplished and through an agent pays 50Lac to get paid admission in a private college. But sooner, after her admissions, the college gets disbanded from AIIMS with the license cancelled for it is functioning against the Government rules. Kalaiyarasan gets into conflicts with college management and agent while asking back 50Lac rupees. In an unexpected shock of turn, both the agent and his younger sister are killed mysteriously. Now Kalaiyarasan sets out to protest against the culprits with the motive of not letting the same fate of his younger sister happen to anyone in future.


The story is set against a much prevailing real life issues, where certain medical colleges are involved in scams of conducting fraudulent deeds through ‘Capitation Fees’ without any proper admission receipts. It is really a concept that would appeal to universal audiences, but director Sakthi Rajasekaran fails to project it in an engrossing manner with raciness and new fangled dimension of narration. The first hour of Yeidhavan is completely bounded to emotional confinements between brother and sister. But then, the latter portion where Kalaiyarasan tries to bounce back seeking revenge for his sister’s fate in a proper way by uniting other youngsters has been narrated well, but with improper logical approach.

Although, we have come across such tales based on true shocking incidents of medical college frauds, the director here has taken special efforts to offer us something different. He deserves special mention for this attitude. Cinematography and musical score offer some sort of support to the narration, but the work of Editor I.J. Alvin could have been better.


Kalaiyarasan as usual gives his best into the performance and he is perfect. Satna Titus appearing as his love interest and police officer doesn’t get to score brownie points here. Although her characterization is so bleak, she gets to perform well on her part. Others in the cast involving Gautham as the medical college proprietor, Aadukalam Narain as his assistant, Vela Rama Moorthy playing the role of Kalaiyarasan father, Vinoth playing the agent and others like Rajkumar, Valavan, Sowmya, Radha, Revathyamma, Lakshmi and Sandra have their best of justice to their roles.

What works?

1. Performance of actors
2. Hard-hitting story based on educational fraudulence

What doesn’t work?

1. First half
2. Logical quotients and editing

Although the basic theme of Yeidhavan is really stupendous and worthy of appreciations for focusing on the existing issues of private educational institutions, it would have been really appreciable, if director had crafted a much stronger and substantial narration.

Verdict : Spectacularly appealing plot eclipsed by vague presentation

Rating : 3.5/10

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