Lens Movie Review

Insidious side of Technology

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Direction : Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan
Production : Mini Studios
Starring : Jayaprakash Radakrishnan, Anandsami, Aswathy Lal, Misha Goshal
Music : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : S. R. Kathir
Editing : Gaugin, G. B. Venkatesh, Jainul Abdeen

Debut filmmaker Jayaprakash Narayanan’s Lens has already gained International acclamations at many film festivals and critically acclaimed Vetrimaaran has released it, which is based on the shocking incidents into the dark side of cyber space.


Anand Saamy who happens to be an orphan marries Aswathi Lal, a girl with speech impairment. Their intimate moment inside their bed room is captured through a plumber who plants a spy camera without their knowledge. This video gets into the wrong hands of a miscreant (Jayaprakash Narayanan), who finds pleasure with sex chat and voyeurisms. He doesn’t limit watching it, but uploads them over online portals. This leads to the suicide of Aswathi Lal and her father, which prompts Anand Saamy to seek revenge on Jayaprakash Narayanan.


During this contemporary times ruled by the domain of cyber space, the darkest side of technology through spy camera, Internet, Whatsapp and Skype has been very well projected with reality factors in this film. Director Jayaprakash Narayanan apart from weaving an intense storyline based on this theme has played an important role in this movie. The film traverses through the much wrapped up activities of current situation of being involved over the sensual chats with the strangers that leads to unexpected turmoil.

The first half of the film is completely set against the backdrops of two rooms and the post-intermission sequences involving flash back, Anand Saamy-Aswathi romantic episodes, the revenge against the antagonistic Jayaprakash followed by an unexpected climax has been very well narrated by the director. Since the first hour is set inside couple of indoor rooms, there isn’t much scope to cinematographer Kathir, but as the story travels into outdoor by second half, especially the Munaar portions are very well captured by him. But when it comes to narrative aspects, the second half involving the police investigation doesn’t get gripping and there are even some illogical moments. The musical score by GV Prakash in addition to the editing by Venkatesh and Jainool Aptheen offer the best attributes to the movie.


Everyone in the star-cast involving Jayaprakash Narayanan, Anand Saamy, Aswathi Lal, Misha Ghoshal playing the role of Jayaprakash wife, Ambeth and Parameswaran as police officers, Sanjeevi and Radhakrishnan have delivered their nuance performances.

What works?

1. Shocking story that prompts awareness
2. Performances of actors

What doesn’t work?

1. The investigation sequence of cops aren’t gripping
2. Logic elements missing in many places

Lens turns to be an enlightening film that exposes the harsh truth of cyber crime created by few miscreants involved in Voyeurism. It’s a film that boldly shocks the contemporary youngsters involved over the online chat with strangers, which might lead to such inevitable turmoil.

Verdict : Insidious side of Technology

Rating : 4.5/10

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