Rangoon Trailer Review

Rangoon Trailer Review

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Gautham Karthik has been striding through the career with more brimming up to perform something on high standards. Well, it looks like ‘Rangoon’ could be bringing up some fortune to his career graph. The actor’s screen presence in this film that we witnessed through trailer could be offering something new and unconventional from the actor. As we can get to see from the trailer, the film is about a young guy’s encounters with an amalgamation of maladies, betrayal, friendship, love and unexpected tragedies. One cannot be able to guess what this film is all about.

It looks like Gautham Karthik has exerted his best efforts to score brownie points. Any handsome actor wouldn’t be taking an experimental risk of tanning the skin and shedding off the handsome looks. One of the most prominent features that instantly grabs our attention as we look into 122 seconds of trailer is the spellbinding work of cinematography, though it comes with a Red-Hued filter and grading followed by the editing cuts. GK Prasanna, the man behind cut is the ultimate showstopper and we can be pretty much assured that his editing cuts in the full length feature movie would be endowing an experience of watching edge-seated thriller.

We are all aware about the musical significance of Vishal Chandrashekar in all the movies for it would be carrying some special uniqueness. But here in the theatrical trailer, there isn’t much of his traits and maybe with the songs and background in movie, we could literally experience it.

Daniel Annie Pop has seemingly gone through a changeover in this film and has been getting to gain our attention too. Sana Makbul appears for few seconds and there isn’t much to witness upon her performance.

The film ‘Rangoon’ is directed by Rajkumar Periyasamy and is produced by AR Murugadoss Productions in collaboration with Fox Star Studios.

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