Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae Movie Review

Rib-tickling in few parts, but doesn’t scare you anywhere...

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Direction : Ike
Production : Fox Star Studios, A for Apple Production
Starring : Jiiva, Sri Divya, Soori, Radhika, Thambi Ramaiah
Music : Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography : Sathyan Sooryan
Editing : T. S. Suresh

Horror-comedies have become the ritualistic release on every Fridays and much alike, this week has Jiiva-Sri Divya starrer Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae, directed by debut filmmaker Ike. The film is produced by Fox Star Studios and Atlee’s A for Apple Production.


With a much broken past of not having an own house, Jiiva strives as a house broker and buys a bungalow like mansion. The day he settles there with his family along with mother (Radhika Sarathkumar), he finds another family claiming this house to be their own. With the conflicts popping up between them, the members soon realize that the house is haunted.

Is it really haunted? If so, what’s the actual intention of the ghost?


Fox Star Studios has been churning out some high quality elite movies and it looks like this time, their intention with ‘Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae’ is to entertain the sub-urban and rural audiences. Filmmaker Ike has used the formulae that would definitely etch up a favourite place among these groups. Of course, the film has lots of illogical moments, non-scary yet assumed horror elements and some rib-tickling moments. But having claimed this film to be a family entertainer, how does the ‘Double Entendres’ come into picture. Do the filmmakers or producers actually carry this in their minds that children are watching this film too? Regardless of these flip sides, SBKT would definitely cater to the front benchers and single screen audiences, especially with nothing big to compete during this Post-Baahubali phase.

The first half carries up our attention with some fun-filled moments and just as we think that the post-intermission sequences are going to scare us to the core, we are pulled away from these assumptions. The second half has some gripping moments with the flashback episodes involving Radharavi. Technically, the background score by Vishal Chandrashekar is just okay and the songs doesn’t capture our attention, except for the first number ‘Ek Gauv Mein’ crooned by STR and the way becomes the cynosure. Cinematography for a horror film happens to be the strong element and over here, it turns out to be a mediocre.


It’s Radharavi and Radhika Sarathkumar giving their immense efforts into their roles. If Radharavi had few more sequences to perform, he would definitely eclipse the lead actors. The comedy episodes of Soori in few portions faintly reminds us off Vadivelu in Chandramukhi, but only to a certain extent, where he picks up his own style. Jiiva does a neat job living up to the expectations of the role. Sri Divya has nothing to perform here and she is like a miss at blink role. Kovai Sarala, Deva Darshini and Mayilsamy are always found as assets to horror movies, but over here aren’t completely used to the core. Thambi Ramaiah is just okay as usual with his hyper active performance. Jai and Akshara Gowda appearing during the initial moments of the film are just a way to add up attraction through cameo and their roles could have been extended.

What works?

1. Soori & Thambi Ramaiah performance
2. Technical Aspects

What doesn’t work?

1. Old styled horror story
2. Screenplay

Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae is yet another horror-comedy potboiler that strongly focuses on entertaining sub-urban and rural audiences, but lacks the actual punch that either a comedy or horror film should possess.

Verdict : Rib-tickling in few parts, but doesn’t scare you anywhere...

Rating : 4/10

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